Purify 11/11/11 Shadow Mewtoo?

Defeated Giovanni this morning and caught me a Level 8 11/11/11 Shadow Mewtoo.

I do not raid anything I cannot solo, so all my legendaries are from research breakthroughs and Team Rocket events, so this is my first and only Mewtoo. As such, I probably won’t use this Mewtoo for much of anything.

Presumably, if I purify said Mewtoo, it will be upgraded to Level 25? (Does that apply to legendaries?)
Eventually, I would invest the rare candy and stardust to unlock a second charge move – but I have a long list of higher-priority mons to power-up for the different leagues.

Not really sure what to do here, so figured I’d solicit opinions from others who have more Mewtoos in their collections.

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I’m sorry this is not an answer to your question exactly but I am also in your situation. I have not been able to raid any legendary since remote raid passes came out. But with this app I can finally get people to raid with on a regular basis

And if you host the raid your self you can raid with a free pass as well

As for your actual question just keep it the way it is until you are done powering up the other pokemon from your list. Wrt to power a shadow is more powerful then normal for raiding

If you purify it will become level 25. If you don’t plan to use it at all, regardless of Shadow or not then leave it as is. It is more likely for you to have a chance at a normal Mewtwo through research breakthroughs than a chance at more Shadow Mewtwo. And a 0/0/0 Shadow Mewtwo is better than a 15/15/15 normal Mewtwo in most situations.


Like @Sir_Gwibbles stated, the general rule of thumb is not to purify. The 20% damage bonus that Shadow Mewtwo gets makes it a ridiculously good attacker once powered up. That said, I’ll list the pros and cons for both shadow and regular Mewtwo, and hopefully that’ll make your decision a bit easier!

Shadow Mewtwo:


  • 20% damage bonus to both quick and charged attacks. This makes it the highest DPS Psychic-type and generalist. This bonus should not be underestimated.
  • uniqueness. We likely won’t get another shadow Mewtwo any time in the near future.
  • it looks really damn cool with its unique shadow animation.


  • costs more dust/candy to power up/unlock a 2nd charge move.
  • you’ll have to wait for another Team Rocket event in order to TM away Frustration (which is a useless attack).
  • can’t mega evolve.

Purified Mewtwo:


  • automatically starts off at lvl 25.
  • costs 25% less stardust/candy to power up/unlock the 2nd charge move than a regular Mewtwo. It will be a much cheaper investment compared to shadow Mewtwo.
  • Return can be TMed away normally.
  • can mega evolve, when that becomes an option.


  • a strict downgrade from shadow Mewtwo in terms of DPS in gym/raid battles.
  • regular Mewtwo can be acquired via trades (shadow Mewtwo can’t be traded) and will likely return to raids when Mega Mewtwo is released. Thus, it’s much easier to acquire and you may get one with better IVs.

You should not purify

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Appreciate the feedback – I hadn’t considered that it is likely that there will only be one Shadow Mewtoo ever available, at least via Team Rocket missions.

Well, if someone has already purified theirs or you can bargain a mirror trade, you two could lucky trade a purified mewtwo that’s cheaper to raise and will be able to mega evolve when its released
However, given its rarity, you could use any lucky mewtwo for that and keep the shadow currently unique.

-takes more damage from hits