Purify pokemon?

When would it be reasonable to purify? All I can think off is…

  1. To complete a task (say level 44)
  2. To get a hundo of an otherwise useless mon what will never be used for PVE
  3. To make it ideal for PVP

I am just annoyed at spending 100 x 2000 (average) stardust purifying random bad pokemon that I transfer right away to go up one level! The alternative is wait for 100 zubat/aron but this seems too much time to save 200k dust.

  1. To transfer a mon with higher chance for XL candy (lv25). Its something to consider in absence of some spawns.

Some of my group purify for lucky trading. For example, in advance of Mega-Metagross, I’ve got a lucky purfied metagross so you get both of the dust and candy bonuses to power it right up.

Also, if you’re looking to get something to L50 that you don’t have a lucky for, the discount for XL candy/2nd move cost is better than nothing.

In terms of levelling up, you could always just do the 1k purifiers, the L46 requirements aren’t that arduous so even if you go over the xp boundary, you’ll likely catch back up with the tasks.

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  1. Because its cheaper and already starting at lvl25.

Sometimes trainers need a cheaper option that’s higher level. Not everyone has the resources to take an expensive 'mon from lvl 10 to lvl 50. Like @Oaf said, there are also some 'mon that need to be nearly maxed in order to reach their potential and getting one lucky+purified is pretty nifty. I did that with a Poliwrath for UL. I don’t get them spawning here often (and never weatherboosted) so the best option for getting on ready for UL was to max a lucky purified one.

  1. Because one refuses to use shadows in raids, so it’s either purfying or transfering

Simply put, I don’t like it how shadows ruined pve and nerfed every normal pokemon, by making them go from the #1 attacker of their species to #4096. The only big downside to this is the lazy and cheap looking animation of purified pokemon, which frankly shouldn’t last the whole time and go away like shiny sparkles. Shadows so or so made me raid way less than I used to, since pve simply put became underwhelming, due to every wild catch, hatch, lucky trade, raid catch using it’s purpose competitvely.

And for anyone wondering, I did already purify a 15/15/14 dratini, 14/15/15 and 15/13/13 beldum, 13/14/15 larvitar and so on. In case I get a hundo shadow from a raid relevant species I’ll do the same. This includes my 15/15/14 shadow mewtwo, which I only powered up for pvp where it underperformed and I never used it in raids. So far there was no need for it there and I don’t feel like investing an elite TM in it yet.


I can only applaud your commitment to your ethical stance.

Do you raid less because the average next player has shadows or because it’s just taken the sheen off the whole PvE side of the game for you?

Mainly the latter. If such a gimmick dominates things, then things simply put no longer are fun. Not a fan of others using shadows either. However in my area the game has been on life support for the last year and a half, so barely anyone even raids and I doubt anyone here cares about shadows(or even best attackers). Via raid invites shadows have been present for a while, but one can hardly have a choice here. The game doesn’t tell you who is using them and what will you do once the raid starts? Quit the raid and throw the pass away? Stop attacking in protest?

I personally get a headache when I see how pokebattler looks now. PvE right now is simply put tragic. Only megas can’t compete with shadows and those are balanced, so one can only use one and they don’t affect things as much really…

Frankly this is like the weather boost becoming a thing. Would break the game. Which is why it’s a thing there, since Niantic cares about it, while with pve they just want money

I know what you mean, I do use shadows but trying to help newer/casual players is difficult when you have to tick so many boxes “not legendaries”,“not shdows” “not megas” and that must feel a bit demoralising for those players. At least back in 2018 you had legendaries and non-Legendaries and that was it.

Much of the last 18-24 months could have been done so much better with just a minor tweak here and there.

For the record I am still searching for somebody with a shiny +hundo + shadow

I have a 98% shiny shadow mawile but this is so far as closed as I saw.

Sometimes I feel like purifying it to get a shundo but then… mawile is only sort of good in pvp and a hundo is not good there.

Would that be a shshundo or a shundosh?

Welp, it happened. Already have 4 100% perfect machamp, so there’s at the moment no need to add another one. I however certainly won’t use it for raids in this form.

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Irony is strong in this game.

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I likely wouldn’t purify a good shadow Pokémon if I already have dozens of good one of that species, just because I maybe could have an use for it in the far future. If you care for Megas, purifying could even bw beneficial for your purposes; even if it’s slightly behind in DPS, they usually have massively higher TDO and a short buff for anyone else. Why go for max. damage if it’s an easy duo with what’s available already anyways?

The latter is why I probably never will really power up a shadow, except my two level 50 Machamps because I wanted to give the forced maxing for the level 47 requirement at least the best use. More DPS is awesome. But what real difference does it make? Most bosses that could be great in PvE are easy duos, and if it’s not useful, why invest ressources just to raid it once.

Shadows being better unpurified is paradox and shouldn’t have happened - but it’s also just an unnecessary power grind nobody needs. Since nothing got more difficult to offset the new available power, shadows are kind of in the same position as in the beginning: As dust catchers in the storage.

More DPS is awesome. But what real difference does it make?

That is the main issue with the game. If they displayed the TDO of players after a raid… if the link between TDO and rewards was better… if there was better rewards for short manning…

90% of lv5 raids are either easy duos with lv35 teams or impossible duos unless you have full lv50 shadow/mega pokemon.

Can you solo shuckle now with megas and shadows?

Isn’t this a general question of the game? Why max or wait for the hundo and not be satisfied with the 90 percent thing? There a multiple dimensions to satisfy several possible individual “needs”. One of them is doing raids as fast as possible and shadows do make a lot of difference there (about 10 to 20 percent). That’s quite rewarding.

Agreed, players look for self motivation because the game itself does not provide enough rewards to make it a goal.

Yep, exactly that. I’m looking for new things all the time now.

My next point of interest will be comparing how my Landorus-T and EP Garchomp teams compare in terms of improving my TTW vs the next Ground-weak T5 - Heatran usually comes round six or seven times a year so that’ll be fun.

I have also yet to duo a Rayquaza with triple figures left on the clock.

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No worries regarding this. I am never going to use shadows in raids. They ruined them after all for me. Machamp is just one of those pokemon where I have several hundos already and I also have 3 perfect Lucario, so that’s why I didn’t bother purifying it yet. Had this been a sneasel, bagon, etc, then I would have pressed the forbidden button almost instantly.

I am familiar with this, since I made a whole overview with all megas. Megas are for several species the only redeeming thing that gives them a chance to outcompete their shadow versions.
The only downside to purified pokemon that I have is that I really despise the tacky and cheap-looking steam/fog animation that they have. That alone makes me honestly prefer normal pokemon with the same IVs, despite those costing more.

The difference is improved performance since the shadows beat normal pokemon hands down. Of course, this is irrelevant if one is one of those players who never prepare a team. It all comes down to how much one is willing to invest into the game. I myself used to always do my best to collect the best of the best, to maximise the potential I could get. WHen the shadows came and just undid all my work, I simply saw no more reason to bother with it anymore. Afterall, what’s the point anymore, if your #1 best attacker of the species gets instantly downgraded to the #4096 position?

Nothing about the shadows makes any kind of sense. They are in pain, like this against their free will, got robbed of their free will and reduced to being exploitable tools. And yet, we can just keep in this state, despite supposedly being there to save them… The whole lore aspect has more holes than swiss cheese.
This said, I hope they don’t buff purified pokemon like they did shadows.