Puzzles and Dragons Thread

Oh, it’s no problem :feh_flaynyay:
I’ll send an invite soon :catwave:

Oh and since my Tanjiro has a poison resist assist, you can use the skill boost badge to transform on turn one while still having full resistance. You can get the same assist from the monster points shop if you want


Hey, I just remembered there’s a thread for this game and thought I’d leave some relevant news to anyone interested in the game or thinking of making a comeback/short visit.

Check this out (link to official announcement):

This equals 19 pulls in a banner with the normal cost, and you can squeeze in at least one more [Magic Stone] to get to 20 pulls.
We’re also getting 25000 [Pal Points], if you haven’t claimed them, you have until the reset of this 10th (Sunday) to claim them, there’s a banner giving evolution materials and the like, definitely recommended to stockpile those.
Other than that, no other kinds of rewards I can see, but since it’s going to be the 9th anniversary of the game next month (wow, it’s been around that long!) perhaps they’ll have something grand in store, I recommend checking out their website now and then for potential rewards announcements.

But if this counts, you can pull 4 times a day in a free banner, just watch a short video ad and you can get a random unit, there are some nice picks out there. I discovered only recently they added the feature at some point though, but it’s pretty useful neverthless.
And Verdandi is part of that pool so… I’ll not miss on those daily freebies so long I’m around. :eye:

Anyway, I got news of the pre-anniversary rewards so I’ve made a comeback for the month (perhaps more but hard to tell for now), I won’t be super active but I’d like to try getting Verdandi’s Halloween alt:
She’s really pretty, I wish I had her.

The wiki says she can’t be obtained but I was around last year and I could swear she was available for summon (I do remember trying and failing), but that’s just what I remember anyway, either way, doesn’t hurt me to enter even if only for the log-in stuff for a while.

Anyway, if anyone wants to be friends with me, I’d be happy to take you in, we can maybe trade some resource monsters and the like, here’s my code and [Helper] unit, just one of my strongest and most invested monsters, Reincarnated Leilan, I don’t have the guy I need to fodder to get Leilan into her final form though…
Regardless, I hope she’ll be of help, and if you need, I can switch out to a monster with [7x6 Board] or something you think could be useful (ask me first if I have the kind of monster you’re looking for!)

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I finally got her. :pleading_face:
She came in the second daily free pull, now here’s hoping I can get both versions of Verdandi this month, the rerun banner for the Halloween version should be coming out soon, no idea when though, but I’m excitedly looking forward to it.

Also, I didn't waste any second upgrading Urd

Doesn’t look like I can do any more upgrading beyond this to this form of hers, but it works for me, I’m just happy I have her at last!

And if you’re playing this or feel interested on it, you have until tomorrow to claim the first batch of 33 [Magic Stones], the second one is also being distributed starting today until the 18th (the starting date of distribution was adjusted so that we have 8 days to get those), all it takes is just logging into the game and claiming them in your inbox!

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