PvE Relevant Pokemon in Kalos

Hey guys, Niantic brought a lot of PvP monsters out of Gen 6. Malamar, Aegislash, Gogoat, Avalugg, just to name a few. But where are the raid-oriented Pokemon?

IMO I’m kinda disappointed with Niantic making Gen 6 a PvP heavy generation. I understand that not every Pokemon has the stat products available to make PvE headway, but God even the legendaries (except maybe Yveltal) suck. The most PvE relevant Pokemon that I got out of Gen 6 include:

  • All the starters should be decent when they get their starter moves. Greninja, however, will be a standout among Water-DPS with Hydro Cannon.

  • Yveltal with Snarl + Dark Pulse will rank similarly with Hydreigon and company in terms of Dark-type performance, which was to be expected after the 9-antic nerf. The real problem lies in its Flying set. Such a shame that Niantic passed on giving it Sky Attack.

  • Hawlucha, even with a base attack 195, should be a decent fighter with Low Kick (eww) + Flying Press, with DPS just behind Machamp.

  • Clawitzer with Water Gun + Crabhammer is now a decent Water attacker, with DPS about the same as the Hydro Cannon starters.

  • Tyrantum should be a middle-of-the-road Rock attacker, though we definitely have better options in even legacy Tyranitar.

  • The mythical sets aren’t in yet for some reason. Obviously, Diancie is out of the picture due to a particularly uninteresting base 190 attack; but let’s hope that Hoopa (and forms) and Volcanion don’t get robbed like the rest of the legendaries did. Hoopa needs Confusion + Psychic or Astonish (again, eww) + Shadow Ball. Volcanion learns Incinerate or (hopefully) Fire Spin + Overheat in the main series for a full (and very powerful) Fire set. It also has Water Gun + Hydro Pump in the main series for a full (and very powerful) Water Set*. At this point, it’s all prayers and hoping Niantic doesn’t ruin them as hard as they did Xerneas.

And that’s all I could come up with. Did I miss any, or am I hallucinating here? From what I saw in the game master updates, Gen 6 is screwed in terms of PvE relevance.

*sources according to Pokemon Database

I had this conversation a few days ago. The conclusion; Gen 6 isn’t a good one for PvE.

I’m ok with that, I’ve got lots of good stuff sat in my pokebox that needs attention and the lack of distractions with new stuff is fine. I also expect 2021 will bring the return of some older legendaries with elite moves, hopefully kyogre and Groudon in particular.

Finally someone who uses Pokemon DB like me. All I have to say. Inner peace.

I share most of your opinions. Gen 6 is defense oriented, similar as gen 2. For PvE, wait for gen 7.

Yvetal’s flying set is pretty weird: it receives Gust, the best fast move, but Hurricane as Charge move! If given Sky Attack or Fly, it will become the best flying attacker for a period, before Rayquaza gaining Fly or Dragon Ascent.

Clawitzer is better compared with Crawdaunt, usable but not standout, worse than Kingler. Tyrantrum’s rock set sucks, though it’s still hard to surpass Tyranitar even if it has Rock Slide.

The gen 6 starters are all promising. With their CD moves, Chesnaught is the best grass starter and also the best overall grass attacker (excluding shadow and mega); Delphox is the 2nd fire starter slightly behind Blaziken; Greninja is the best water starter (but frail and still worse than Kingler). The gen 7 water starter Primarina is better in every aspect, which can even compete with Kyogre!

Hoopa-Unbound is the ultimate dark king in the future.

Sylveon is the best addition ever
I’ll be your Sylveon, I’m your charming Pokemon

Xerneas and Zygarde are clearly unfinished. Watch as they give Xerneas the Deoxys or Jirachi treatment aka Fairy fast move. Zygarde won’t appear because of form changes.

But otherwise, yeah it is.

I never played Gen 6, but other than the starters, which would actually be relevant with good moves?

For Gen 2, Ho-Oh finally got Incinerate so if Sacred Fire is good, it could be around #6 in Fire DPS and #1 in Fire TDO, while giving Heracross a proper Bug fast move (either Bug Bite or Fury Cutter) would make it the top non-legendary Bug attacker.

Unfortunately, Hoopa-U can‘t become Dark king due to lack of a Dark Fast Move. The only Fast Move to counter Ghosts and Psychics is Astonish, which is a bad move and lacks STAB.

Though Sacred Fire could be phenomenal and bring Ho-Oh to a new level of play, Heatran will likely remain the top Fire-TDO overall thanks to its typing. Magma Storm will hands-down make Heatran one of the best fire-types all around if it comes back with good parameters, which is likely will based on the current trend of signature moves.

Too bad, forgot this point. Pray Thief or Knock Off being added as fast moves.

Thanks for the few PVP relevant Gen 6 you mention, where did you this sublist come from? Just asking as I have not yet seen any other PVP commentary. Were any of these released in today’s new batch?

The Mythicals are all speculation. The rest is based on the current datamined moves.