PvP cringe

People are so bad they make me cringe.

People shield when you shield, don’t shield when you don’t shield, totally disregarding everything else.

People use their charge move when they can farm you down. Like you just used a charge move and have very little hp left.

People make the worst switch imaginable with Pokemon weak to yours just because they have this super effective charge move but by the time they can fire it they already took a lot of damage from fast move. Sometimes they even do that when you have a shield…

People use their shield when they can resist every single charge move in your move pool.

People shield when they clearly don’t have enough hp to fire another charge move.

People won’t switch when you make a switch to a pokemon that only resist theirs, implying your 2 others are weak to this one so they really should switch.

I could go on. Feel free to complete the list. It’s just mind blowing how many games I win when I should lose due to having a worst team or worst matchup.

When I shield you shield (just like that)…

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let me guess, previous rank 8 player who just started playing season 3 in rank 2-4?


Preseason maybe! :laughing: Lately I get maybe one of those per set (rank 7/8). Most common is poor choices with energy but most players know what to shield (barring true baiting).

The worst thing you can switch into anything is a Water or Grass type because at that point I knew exactly what to do. Shadow Victreebel or Beedrill time.

it’s cringe to play pvp in pogo lmao

I switched a Beedrill into a Registeel switch yesterday … because I wasn’t paying attention and forgot that just before that particular match, I swapped Medicham for Beedrill in Slot 3.

People that don’t count your moves and have no idea where your energy is at obviously will throw a charge move quickly to avoid getting hit by another move. People that match shields obviously just feel confident in winning switch advantage or going down in shield advantage. People might shield heavy hitting, though resisted moves when that particular pokemon could annihilate their whole team.

I don’t know where you’re at, but if you’re a highly skilled player playing at rankings 1-5 it would be arrogant to say these things. It’s like shittalking about 8 year old football players when you’re a 20 year old pro. They just haven’t developed the skills and insight yet. I mean, all these things you say are things I rarely come across at ratings 2.500-2.600. So really wondering where you came from and where you’re playing at right now


Had switch advantage. They went to A-Marowak. Had a decent counter. I went to…Abomasnow cause I thought the one I wanted was on the left side. :dizzy_face:

Seriously? What’s the point of this topic?
People make mistakes in low ranks and that make you mad, ok.
Try to climb the ladder then. Eventually the story will repeat but the other way around. You will make other players cringe.



I find this topic pretty mean spirited to be honest. Seems weird to complain about other players being worse than you… embarrassing brag attempt

that said, I can’t stand when people rage-quit early and I’m forced to endure a painfully slow, laggy, one sided battle if I want to get my rewards. Really inconsiderate and immature. Just flee like normal instead of closing the app…


Oh dude that’s rough! :laughing: I’ve had similar where I played a set after watching my wife’s and she uses some of the same 'mon, same moves, but they are swapped places and ended up using the wrong move because I got them backwards. :upside_down_face:

People have different skill levels, others simply make mistakes. Not everyone is a veteran of a million battles, so to call people out for it is a bit cold hearted. You were a learner once too, let them make the errors that you probably did.
It’s the sad thing about Go at the moment, there’s no way to communicate with people in game and pass on a hint or tip. That said, it’d probably end up being used to grief so you can’t win.

I lost count of how many shields I successfully baited by firing a cheap charge move at low HP opponents. Still not too much tho.

Sometimes this is so true. Of course sometimes it is a good decision but other times they hit you with a big charge move, you shield, you hit them back with something like a PuP or Fell Stinger, they shield.

And yeah, I’m still seeing plays like this at Rank 6.

Y’all I just lost a clinched win because I zoned out and forgot I had one more shield. Thinking I was out, I closed out the app. Came back to see the screen still there, one shield, but I’m dead :joy:

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“People use their shield when they can resist every single charge move in your move pool.”

This can absolutely be a legitimate strategy if the resisted charge move can deal significant damage and you need to save HP and stall out time for a switch; or you’re saving a charge move for a switch in when shields are down. It’s especially a good strategy if you know the other player has a pokemon that only your current pokemon can counter/beat.

The fact that you don’t realize this makes me cringe at the OP thought process.

Usually it is no rage quit (on my side) but just saving a bit of time before going to work if I see I cannot win anymore ;)
And sometimes I quit the app if I am in a hurry and don’t flee
We shouldn’t judge people too early, mostly we all have our reasons after all

it’s totally different if it’s a failed connection or a sudden interruption, but be considerate if you just want to leave and take an extra second to hit the flee button.

I quit the app instantly when I rage quit instead of clicking the surrender button. Also unrelated, but I shout obscenities or threaten to yeet my phone (Outdoors).