PVP great league team help

Hey, could someone advice me on how to best build team for great league?
So far I ran team with 1.) Crawdaunt (Snarl, Night Slash) 2.) Skarmory (Air slash, Sky attack) 3.) Lapras (Ice shard, Ice beam)
Today I got myself nice Umbreon(Snarl, Foul play) and probably gonna run 1. )Skarmory 2.) Umbreon 3.) Lapras for a while. Found that Lapras with double ice doing really great against Altaria users, but I feel like I am lacking something. So keeping Skarmory, would you recommend change of 2 or 3 for any other pokemon?
I was thinking of getting and throwing Swampert in the mix for fire coverage? Maybe swapping for Lapras?


Crawdaunt in interesting, especially spamming Nightslash and Bubblebeam! But your team looks very weak to Electric. Might consider swapping somebody for a mud boi as Skarmory should wall Altaria fine.

Also, the Grass types would absolutely murder him.

He would need his very own Victreebel or Venusaur, and even then, it’s defintely not enough because if you go to the higher tiers, you need to be able of countering the same pokemon with more than 1 Pokemon in case if the opponent bastard switches.

I would advise Crawdaunt, Victreebel/Venusaur and Alolan Raichu or Beedrill to be safe. Skarmory can be in, but if you have BOTH Crawdaunt and Skarmory in anywhere T8 or over, they can keep bastard countering until the sole Electric counter is dead and the Alolan Raichu is facing the Crawdaunt directly with a charged Thunder Punch.

As I wrote, I dont intend to keep Crawdaunt in. Right now I have Skarmory, Umbreon and Lapras. Skarmory is there as lead and to farm Grass type. Ice Lapras was there to counter Altaria, but I am gonna switch Umbreon or Lapras for something else. How would 1.) Skarmory 2.) Umbreon 3.) Swampert look? I dont really have access to Alolan Raichu

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Decent. Maybe consider leading with Swampert since it has only one counter (vs 2 or 3). That forces the opponent to either lead with Grass (in which case gg 'cause you’re toast) or switch to a grass counter (then you can switch in Skarmory).

Not a lot of Grass types are good leads though. So I’d say flyers like Skarmory itself or Altaria are close to the only threat you’d face by leading with Swampert.

Swampert may have more issues though, hes not so good in a neutral escenario in great league as he lacks the bulk, and HC/E have kind of a high energy need. Most of good leaders will kill him, some even winning shield advantatge, also other top leaders come to mind with type advantatge namely Azumarril, Mantine

In terms of small steps, get Surf for Lapras. That will help vs. Registeel and Bastiodon. Or consider some of the starters or Altaria, since you seem frugal with second moves. Swampert is tricky to play, as you have to protect him a lot while he collects energy, but then he’s a beast.

The issue with Lapras is that not only is it weak to electric, ice does neutral damage to fire, and fire does neutral damage to it. This leaves it very vulnerable to a pokemon like Typhosion that has both burn blast and solar beam. Lapras would be much better with water gun/surf/ice beam. I personally like Blastoise over Swampart because he gets ice beam to hit grass SE and hits Alteria hard. Much better than EQ coverage.

I am currently working on getting Altaria too from my Swablu and I am close to having usable Whiscash, Quagsire and Mawile. I might have enough candies for Scrafty soon. So with the list of available pokemons:

Skarmory,legacy Lapras, Umbreon, Whiscash, Quagsire, Altaria, Mawile, Scrafty, Crawdaunt, Aggron

what would be good team to build(feel free to throw in third pokemon not on the list if it is not legacy move or raid exclusive, as long as two pokemons are used from this list)?

Swampert can run Sludge Wave instead of Earthquake too. You give up a Steel nuke, but it allows you to have a fighting chance or shield pressure if locked in by a Grass, or Flyers like Altaria and Mantine, or even Azumarill.

I would say azumarril is kind of a must, just as an example it would wipe all your lineup but skarmory and even against him it will be capable to fight and give a not so bad reasult.

Lapras will be a better counter to Altaria but if you were to use Mawile with Power-Up Punch and Play Rough you would have an Altaria counter plus Registeel and Bastiodon (just look out for Flamethrower). I’d recommend Sludge Wave on Swampert so you have something for Azumarill and then Skarmory to cover Grass types.

This nets you coverage against most of what is in Great League.