Recently there has been a lot of talks about PVP in FGO after the recent news of the latest Grail Front. What do you guys think about it?

In my opinion PVP in FGO has myriads of problem that boils down to one simple fact. Servants is too strong.

There are two types of PVP that I can see being implemented in FGO. One is normal matchmaking 6 vs 6 PVP And the other is Grail Front PVP.

Again the problems for PVP boils down to the fact that servant is just too strong against other servant. Even with no Friend Support or CE most ppl can just instakill the opponent.

In 6 vs 6 It’s not hard to think of a comp that could kill all of the first 3 servants on the opponent side and then put up a wall to survive to your next turn if you go first cuz Castoria and broken dps exist.

In Grail Front pvp even with no CE you can still instakill your opponent cause servant who can instantly use np like Melusine and many others exists.

Also it’ll be sucks if your opponent decides to AFK and hopes you surrender when they suddenly realizes they have no chance of winning the normal way.

Do you think they’ll implement PVP in FGO? I think it’s just too much work for very little return.

There’s no reason to ruin the game with PvP. Fate/Grand Order is a turn-based single player game with a great story and there’s no reason to change it.

Recently Fire Emblem Heroes added a PvP mode and it simply was an awful idea. That game mode is cancerous and barely no one plays it, to the point that the devs themselves begged the players to play it, adding more rewards and giving rare resources for free if you simply do one single match


That is what I imagine would happen if FGO get a PVP mode.


There is no way that I would purposely want to be obliterated repeatedly by whale teams of NP5 SSR with MLB black grails or Scopes or such things.

OK, I’m exaggerating here, but still… Well, it might be entertaining , and I don’t really mind getting beaten up by other players teams.

I would give it a try, because… Why not?


If PVP ever came to FGO it would begin the form of a grail front. What seemed most probable was to have a Grail front where you loaded up your comp and then other players player against it, while said comp was controlled by the AI.

This option was viewed with skepticism at the time but not wholeheartedly rejected by the community.

However any other form of PvP, including a real player vs player grailfront was received terribly by the community. Even as a whale myself I am strongly against this kind of PvP which would frustrate a huge portion of the playerbase.

My biggest fear is that they will add real player vs player (as in you actually play against another player) grail fronts, with rankings AND servant coins as rewards…


Why have the Ai fight the Ai though? Might as well just play a regular Grail Front at that point where I can control my servants.

My biggest fear is that they will add real player vs player (as in you actually play against another player) grail fronts…

I used to play 4 man multiplayer of Medieval II campaigns and let me tell you, each turn was about an hour and a half. I’d hate to see players who will simply be idle and wait-quit you out.

You play against the AI, it’s just that the servants and CEs the AI uses were set up by another player.


I’ve seen this kind of thread last year :fgo_gudako:

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Yes, when we were first told that the developers were thinking of bringing PvP to FGO and there was a massive response from the community, to the point where all talk of PvP was swept under the rug along wou grail fronts for a year.

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İmo only pvp thing fgo can do is a damage scoreboard against a dummy

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Many other gacha games have PVP but a lot of the ones I’ve played aren’t against ‘live’ opponents. You set a defence formation which other players attack and you have no control over what the defence team does, it is an ‘AI’. When you attack, you simply select an opponent and then form a team to beat the AI. You can either take it super seriously or you can just take it casually and claim some free rewards.

No idea how something like this works in FGO though, for example, skill timings are so critical I don’t see how it could be controlled via AI.

What’s up with grail fronts and PVP anyway? I’ve been on holiday again :sunglasses:


Pvp in any gacha is a horrible idea that would obliterate the game, fgo is fine as is

I like the kind of coop pve for raids, and if they added more to that it could be fun, but otherwise we’re better off not having it

That goes for the “clear x the most times and get rewards stuff yoo”


I think this is my 4th or 5th time reading this kind of “PvP in fgo” threads


I knew I should’ve used the power of necromancy and revive those long forgotten thread instead of making a new one.

Just make a regular Grail Front if you’re gonna be playing against AI anyway. We all know Grail front is easy for an established account.

Asynchrous PvP is the only way to go for FGO - since so much of an actual player-v-player live match would be determined by who took the first turn, there’s no real challenge to it, unless I guess they made it so the lowest party cost took the first turn, but in practice even that would just mean the one random player with a lvl 120 BG DCS Jason will always win. Player HP values are far too low to sustain the levels of damage player characters are capable of putting out, so even a bulky Archer couldn’t withstand that. A Grail Front set-up fares slightly better, but only slightly, just favouring self-sufficient Servants like Cu Alter or QSH over fast chargers.

Your other option would be some kind of race to the summit - who can clear x number of nodes fastest. This would be incredibly irritating to play, since the victor will almost uniquely be determined by load times, although points for knocking Space Ishtar off the crown since her NP animation is so unwieldy.

I can see them pushing forward with what amounts to effectively an optional arena-style asynchrous PvP mode, for the simple reason that those sorts of formats get dominated by people who burn through massive piles of energy to claim to top ladder positions, and by making energy refillable by SQ… it’s another way to wring money out of people, especially if the prizes for the top of the ladder are nice and juicy.

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It’s clear that they are still testing that mode out and they want to make it bigger but adding pvp through that doesn’t sound like something DW would do, though maybe Lasagna has other plans.

Even with the strategy involved in grailfronts and maybe having restricted teams, forcing solos, only event related CEs etc… i don’t see how pvp could work at all with this kind of gameplay.

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fgo was never balanced around pvp

most NPs one-shot the entire roster at neutral damage and the game becomes “whose Arjuna Alter gets to move first”

any ranked competitive system alsp faces the issue that there’s no real way to differentiate player skill without being ridiculously complicated
1 superscope scathach as the same as the next one, and how do you measure a difference of “skill” between the two?


I’m not condoning PVP (far from it), but the argument that it won’t work because NPs would one-shot can be entirely worked around.


I would personally like to see team-based PvE.
I don’t really know what the grail fronts on JP are, so if this already exists then oops lol, but FGO doesn’t really have a true Co-Op mode as far as I’m aware.

They could allow us to form guilds and have events the guilds partake in, so ranking is based on activity in the guilds etc.
And we could have a built-in actual chat system. etc

I know this has its own issues, but sounds interesting.
I do think it’d kinda change the feel of FGO significantly, even if it just adds more things you can do. So maybe not the best idea.