PvP IV question

Does any Pokémon with a max cp over 1500 or 2500 always get more stats from being 0-15-15 than any other IV combo? I have a 0-15-15 Dratini but it’s not 100pvp IV for either league, but I have others like a 0-15-14 that are supposedly slightly higher pvp IV.

Mostly the mons with very high CP should be checked thoroughly, cause when they end up being 2455 or whatever with 0/13/14 or so, of course theubhave worse stats then one with 6/7/8 and 2500.
With others who end up anyway with a max CP slightly above the cap, such as 2700, it usually doesn’t make a large difference, so the 0/15/15 or close to it get the crown

Yeah, this. If you really want to have the best pokémon possible, get something like Calcy IV for easy checking (without having to type it onto an online calculator every time for every pokémon). If you don’t care too much, though, anything with low attack, high defense, and higher HP should be “good enough” for PVP.

Pokegenie scans them without entering each stat, and shows pvpIVs and pvpIV rank. So I’ve been using pokegenie for that.

As a rule of thumb yes, although there are always exceptions. Azumarill for instance is best as a 9/14/15 or something like that (there’s an article on it somewhere). The thing is that the old formulae do come with the caveat that is CMP ties, in which case the higher attack IV usually wins.
My approach is to get something useable first and sort out the IV’s at a later date. A rank 100 Skarmory is still a Skarmory and will do the Skarmory things. It’ll lose a head to head with a better IV version and possibly some fringe matches, but grass, fighting, Altaria and Azumarill are still kept pretty honest. That’ll do for me.

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It’s not slightly higher IV. It’s ranked by “the highest defense and HP possible that are closest to CP cap”. In most cases, top 1 to top 20 will perform exactly the same. Maybe by 1 hp difference at most.

For example, Dragonair in greate luague:

0/15/15 ranks 6, but it only has 0.75 attack less than rank 1. This actually makes 0 difference in a match.

These rankings can be confusing to players not knowing the logic behind it. Again, it’s just based on highest [defense and HP] that is closest to 1500 or 2500. They are not looking at attack because attack weighs more in CP calculation. Sometimes it’s actually important to have attack to be higher, and those will have low ranking in their ranking system.

Take 15/5/5 and 1/15/14 Haunter below as example

A haunter at 15/5/5 ranks 4066 (4099 being the worst), and a haunter at 1/15/14 ranks #1.

But in a one shield situation against registeel, usingonly shadowball, a perfect haunter loses but rank#4066 wins.

This is simply because the [high defense/hp and low attack] makes it not hitting hard enough. Yes, these exceptions are rare, but i’m only here to prove that the “ranking” does not always mean it’s better. I hate to see players wasting 100k+ stardust to power up their ranked top 10 PvP IV, when they already have a rank 200 that will work just the same without powering up.

Also consider CMP, although many say it doesn’t matter unless it’s mirrior lead. However, if you are running main meta picks such as Azumarill lead, i can guarantee you that CMP matters.

My suggestion is to always run the simulation to see the difference between your choices. Your win rate is unlikely to go up by more than 2% by choosing better IVs, but your win rate could improve a lot if you save those stardust for other options.


That’s because a low IV azumarill maxes out at less than 1500, so it might say 8-15-15 is the highest but a 6-15-15 or 7-15-15 best buddied will have an even higher hp/defense but maybe less attack.

All in all well said - but the example with Registeel and similar mythicals/legendaries is usually biased, cause no one can get an 8/15/13 registeel. I am just nitpicking as were you - to show that sims are not always something to rely on. You would have to run the sim against a lot of different Regis with a floor of 10/10/10 to get something useful out of it.
Just give it a try - run the sim against a way more likely to occur 15/10/10 registeel and you will see that both Haunters win - but the 1/15/14 Haunter is left with 7 HPs more. Which - as many people know who run a Haunter - can make a difference in the next battle.

Most important thing is anyway you last sentence: Choose wisely before spending too much stardust and candies - this is not what drives your rating in first place.

You can get it out a trade…

Ah yes, I always forget. Still don’t know the IV trading rules…

The lowest levels for trading (and the chance to get that one special IV combination you want).

Good Friend 1/1/1 (7%) 1/3375
Great Friend 2/2/2 (13%) 1/2744
Ultra Friend 3/3/3 (20%) 1/2197
Best Friend 5/5/5 (33%) 1/1331

Lucky Trade 12/12/12 (80%) 1/64

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Isn’t there a general “stars floor” as well? I think I read something that as best friends you have a guaranteed 3* trade mon, which would mean I could get at best a 8/15/15 one from best friends. Is it also true that the IVs from before doesn’t matter at all? Even for this I found some contradicting info… Thanks anyway of course :)

There are a few general IV floors:

for catches:
Wild Catch 0/0/0 (0%) 1/4096 (0 stars)
Weather boost Wild Catch 4/4/4(27%) 1/1728 (0 stars)
Raid Boss 10/10/10 (67%) 1/216 (2 stars)
Reasarch Encounter 10/10/10 (67%) 1/216 (2 stars)

Egg Hatches
Egg Hatch 10/10/10 (67%) 1/216 (2 stars).

And as I wrote above you have the floors for trading:
Good Friend 1/1/1 (7%) 0 stars
Great Friend 2/2/2 (13%) 0 stars
Ultra Friend 3/3/3 (20%) 0 stars
Best Friend 5/5/5 (33%) 0 stars

Lucky Trade 12/12/12 (80%) 2 stars

but only 1 out of the 64 combinations in a lucky trade is a 2 star (12/12/12) all the rest are 3 stars or ofcourse 4 stars (but also only 1 in 64 :wink:) so with a lucky trade you have as much chance of getting a 2 star as you have getting a 4 star…

The IV’s before the trade do not matter they are rerolled so that is why you never trade away great IV Pokémon (100 or 98 or… whatever you think are great IV’s for that Pokémon).

Hope this makes it clearer if you have more questions… just ask if I know the answer I will try to expalin it to you.


I have traded about 1400 times with best friends and have gotten many 0-2 star Pokémon, if you mean lucky friends the IV minimum is 80.

Ah ok. I thought maybe the percentage means some statistics. It’s only the number of a perfectIV one. I also guess I got the rest, thanks. I thought the floors were higher in general for best friends.