PVP Moveset Suggestion

I am looking for stats for PVP moves. All of the main websites (gamepress, fandom, gohub, gameinfo) are only showing PVE stats (DPS, EPS) for their pages with Pokémon. It’s as if they haven’t realised that the Go Battle league has been out for more than 6 months. When I check a Pokémon’s move set I couldn’t care less what it does PVE, I want to know what it’s moves do in PVP, we get one raid per day but 25+ battle league matches per day.

The difference between EPS for PVE and PVP is significant. For example, Arcanine‘s page on Gamepress (and all other websites) says its Thunder Fang has 13.3 EPS, but in PVP this is definitely not the case, it seems to be less than half that.

It would be great if the charts showing movesets on specific Pokémon’s pages would differentiate between PVE and PVP, currently PVE is assumed as the standard, with no PVP stats to be found at all.

On GamePress click on the actual move and it will take you to a page that shows the PvE and PvP values.

Some websites indeed look like theyre run by people who try to ignore PvP as much as possible, but Gamepress does show PvP stats as well.