[PvP Question] Stats boost/moves that increase/decrease stats

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We know that some PvP moves would increase/decrease your pokemon, or opponent’s pokemon stats.
For example, Power-Up Punch boosts your own pokemons attack stats by 1 stage.

I found this website that has charts of these moves with % of increase/decreases.

(Brave Bird has not been updated. Anyone feel free to provide any more updated links).

It seems like most of these moves can be stacked up to 4 stages.
Take Sand Tomb as an example. Each Sand tomb will decrease opponent’s pokemon by 1 stage.
Stage 1 = 80% of opponent’s 100% defense.
Stage 2 = 67%
Stage 3 = 57%
Stage 4 = 50%
Any more Sand Tombs after the 4th will not decrease opponent’s stats any further.

Super Power:
Stage 1 = 80% (pokemon’s attack & defense stats is reduced by 20%)
Stage 2 = 67%
Stage 3 = 57%
Stage 4 = 50%

My question is kind of hypothetical, and it probably will never happen in real battles as these effects can easily be removed by switching. Let’s say, a garchomp uses 2 sand tombs on a Snorlax. The snorlax’s defense is now minus 2 stages (33%), and it should be at 67% now. Then, Snorlax uses 2 superpowers on Garchomp. Does that take Snorlax’s defense to stage 4 at 50%? Or does it decrease another 33% on the Snorlax’s 67% defense, making defense now at 34%? I would think that “stage 4 at 50%” makes more sense. In that case, does that mean the next sand tomb by garchomp will not decrease snorlax’s defense any further?

Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to answer :slight_smile:

We’ll have to assume the Snorlax has stored energy otherwise Garchomp would get off a 3rd Sand Tomb before the 2nd Superpower but either way, after the 4th charge move Snorlax’s defense wouldn’t decrease any further. Both moves decrease Defense by 1 stage (with Superpower also decreasing Attack by 1 stage).

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It doesn‘t matter if the debuffs come from the enemy or yourself, they stack all the same. So yes, this Snorlax would be at -4 (aka 50%)


Thank you both!