PVP Reward Pokemon HP issue?

On a lark, I hopped into the Ultra League and managed to hit 9/10. (Whole lotta… uh… inexperienced people in Ultra League and some damn good RNG for me. Like a guy who had Dark Weavile/Poison Venusaur/Shiftry, and my starting Scizor with Bug/Bug just smoked him)

Anyway, enough Humblebrag, on to the question!

As you do when you win 4 in the Free, I got 2 Pokemon Encounters - a Tepig and a Snorlax. And each of them was missing 4 HP after I caught them. I remember when there was the CP rebalancing, and the upping of CP for most Pokemon and this issue happened for a few months (mostly with eggs spun prior to the CP rebalance being hatched with lower HP than they should have), but I haven’t heard of any CP rebalancing lately. Did I just miss that, or is this a weird bug?

Found the same, it’s a minor bug that a purple potion will fix, unless you want to give the pokemon straight to Willow. They will fix it eventually, until then it’s a minor nuisance.

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Yeah it’s a bug

Niantic is just making sure that the bug type has noticable representation


FWIW, won 4 of 5 yesterday, got a Larvitar encounter, and it had all its HP on capture. So, per appearances, at least from my limited sample, bug is fixed.