PVP Shiftry or PVP Cloyster?

I wanna invest in either Hydro Pump/Avalanche Cloyster or Foul Play/Leaf Blade Shiftry for Ultra League. I’ve long had a couple with great IV spreads around 2250 CP. Anyone with good/bad experiences to speak of with either in Ultra?

Well, Cloyster beats Giratina, which is really awesome in Ultra League PvP, especially with Lucario going the way of the dinosaur there. It does get beaten up by common Steels though, so be prepared to compensate for that.

Shiftry beats Cresselia and Swampert, which is nice… But that’s about it. Loses to Giratina despite being a Dark type (a matchup they’re supposed to perform better in) which really sucks.

Shiftry is okay, Cloyster is a lot better. Just make sure you get one with the right moves of Ice Shard + Avalanche + Hydro Pump.

This was one of the things I was thinking of, but now A-Sandslash learns that spammy Ice Punch, plus getting off a Bulldoze on those Steel types will just make their day that much worse. For some reason though I’ve gravitated more to my Cloyster so I’m seeing if that’s justified enough. I only see Fire types in UL if they know Blast Burn and my Sandslash wouldn’t hang around for that obviously.

Shiftry is unique. Cloyster is overshadowed by (legacy) lapras. They have different roles tho. But i’ll go with shiftry, just because it’s only competition is cacturne, wich is worse

If the Cloyster was legacy, then the answer would be simple. (Run, don’t walk to whatever other option you were whimming about;)

Nice brag post!!!
Actually I’m quite jeallous of that legacy mon, is quite rare.
But that set is the worst possible for pvp (and PvE) don’t you ever try.
Unless you were been sarcastic and already know

yeah I pulled the trigger on that Cloyster. If I had a high CP Lapras with the legacy set, I might have considered that instead, but I think I’d rather have the faster Ice move and the nuke Water move instead of running with Ice Beam (or Blizzard) with Surf, plus that’s 25,000 more dust to bless a Lapras with another move.

I used to have Icy Wind Cloysters, way back in the day. It’s always been a garbage move, and I long got rid of those Cloysters…no regrets :joy: