PVP Stat changes



Since we’re getting more moves that has stat changes in PVP i just wanna know if you/your opponent switches the Pokemon with the stat changes will the stats reset like in the main series games??
Example Acid Spray lowers the defense of the opponent but when they switch & then brought it back will it still have the lowered defense or it’s back to normal??


EDIT: I originally thought they didn’t stay, but I just found out I was wrong and that they do.

It’s covered in this video by Poke AK. Not sure about site’s policy on posting people’s videos but I figure it’s useful to just send you to a video where it was actively tested.


Just double replying to make sure that you get the notification to know my answer changed, since nobody else responded to this question yet.


Changes to stat stages are persistent when switching out a pokemon, but I have heard people questioning whether this is a feature or a bug. Niantic is bad at communicating about bugs, so it could go either way. The stat changing moves are pretty bad otherwise, so it makes sense for the changes to continue after switching out.