PVP Team Building help

Hello, getting wrecked in the Legends battles, gave up on that. I’m hit or miss in pvp. Looking for what my best team options are…

Um, can you send your box? xD

Box below:

It’s posted, sorry.

Super Saiyan Team/Blue-Purple Counter Team:
Core: Gogeta -Blue-, SSJ DBS Broly and SSJ Bardock.
Bench: Super Vegeta, Fury Broly and Scouter Vegeta -Purple-.

Sounds like we were on the same page then. I’ve got some new pulls though, including the GRN z-tier goku. How does this change things up?

If you want a Sagas from the movies Team, then you can run him with Purple Broly and Gogeta if you want.

Okay I’ll keep it real with you guys, I’ve been playing dbl after the first year it came out thing Is I never payed too much attention to pvp up until now. I love it but the problem is I have no idea how to create the best team I keep losing in pvp to some guys with limit broken Z ranked zenkai awakened teams and it’s stressing me anyone wanna give me help? P.s when you say “core” what does that mean?