PVP1: Debatable Movesets you have a hard time deciding on

So what are some Pokemon you have a hard time deciding between.

For me there are 2 pokemon I got back and forth on

  1. Giratina-O in Ultra League

I have a real hard time deciding between Ominous Wind and Dragon Pulse . This season I played one team with one and one with other and I can’t tell you how many times I have won a match because DP was able to hurt a ghost resistent pokemon like Snorlax/A-Muk or 1 shot something like Dragonite… yet I’ve also lost matches where I died before getting to a 2nd move where if I had thrown OW and saved that 10 energy Id have got back to SB to fnish off some annoying fairy.

  1. Cressila and GK/FS.
    GK sure wrecked the ever present Swampert, but you can win without it. FS makes Vensaur a win.

What about you all what move sets do you have a hard time deciding on

PS: I started 2 topics on pvp, the difference with other one is you know you are running an overall worse moveset but the surprise factor of a rare move and/or how that fits your team makes it worth it.

Jellicent, I’ve swapped between bubble beam and ice beam so many times. Depends if I start to see heaps of normals or grasses or Altaria.

Obstagoon: Cross Chop or Gunk Shot… Got one with each moveset so I can switch it around.

Anything with elemental punches, “do I want T-punch or Ice-punch?..or…”

Relate to the punchy team. Made a pugilistic team for GL of Hitmonchan, Dusclops, Hypno with all double punches. Also beefed up a Hitmon for UL (MSG fave of mine) and that’s a tougher league to figure out what to use. PuP helps the Swampert matchup but having 2 elements is good for coverage

Talking about it in other thread, but Close Combat or Psychic Gallade is debatable. In great league Medicham can go several different ways, I’m not sold on any setup there

I’m definitely seeing more Medichams with Pyschic in Season 10 (Rank 16+), and it’s cost me some games in a 'Cham v 'Cham fight.

I have a Counter / Power-Up Punch / Ice Punch 'Cham that is Level 44 (1500 CP)
Also have a Psycho Cut / Dynamic Punch / Psychic 'Cham that is Level 41 (1420 CP)

Almost every Medicham I see since around Season 1 had Psychic, most likely to prevent being walled by Azumarill.

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I usually assume Psychic on Medicham, but I’m not sure if an opponent will have PuP or IP…tbh, would Psychic and Dynamic Punch be that bad either? I just don’t use my Medicham that much…but maybe I would try Psychic and DP…the energies are 35 for PuP; 40 IP; 50 DP; 55 Psychic

Ends up being 5 counters; 6 counters; 8 counters; 8 counters

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Psychic definitely going to continue to be most popular with the Poison buffs (in addition to mirror matches, etc). Basically comes down to either PuP or IPunch.

Beyond just surprise for surprise sake, trying to find some stuff where Dynamic punch and Psychic mighf be better…pretty niche, but Poison Jab A-Muk might have AS instead of Sludge Wave. Otherwise on neutral stuff Dynamic Punch and Psychic gonna do same damage, example against Lanturn

Depends on team comp again. If they have enough stuff for azu and alowak, why not use IP and PuP? Saw a lot with that combo, but i guess now most use IP and psychic also for the mirror. DP/psychic would be too low in coverage for the residual team and i think lowers the strength of medi plus it’s weaker in the mirror

Funnily enough I run A-Muk like that. Sadly I would shield anything from Medi unless it was blatantly a PuP because the win for A-Muk there just comes from Poison Jab + Acid Spray and I need time for that. A shields down situation for A-Muk here would already be a likely loss, whatever moveset is run.