Python or Norne for my next brave bow user?

Hello guys :luci:, I would like to build an another Brave bow user. Gordin’s got a good refine but I would like to have a fast brave bow user (rip my +atk Gordin promoted 1 year & an half ago).

(the poll is under the first message)

This morning I’ve got an amazing 4 star Python (+atk -res) (surprised to see he’s demoted but when I was looking in his base kit I understand why)
I’ve already got a +atk (-spd) and +def (-hp) Norne.

These two units have really similar statlines but Python is green. Do you think a fast Green brave bow user is a good idea ?
I’ve already got a neutral Sue so if I can build Python differently, it can be cool :bigbeauty:

If I give them a Brave bow, their builds would look like this :


I give them Fury for the fact they can EP when they’re full life (and fury is budget).

If they’re with F!Berkut, it would be more like this :

For Norne : Yes it can be funny to have that sweet +14 def to kill any DC users.

Or like this ↓

Or maybe I should just go with the classical one :

I choosed these 2 because they can deliver some good Bonfire thx for their fine def unlike Klein & Setsuna.

Thanks for reading all the stuffs btw :lynstare:

No poll :bylethconfused:

  • Pythooon :snake:
  • Norne :insert emoji:

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oops sorry I forgot it :berniebulli:

I prefer Norne for the simple fact that she has access to things cavaliers don’t,like Spiral.

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If it’s pure offense you’re looking for, Klein outperforms Norne :kleinyes:


Well, why would Klein use bonfire anyways?

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But Klein is Death Blow fodder
Well I noticed right now I can +10 him :lynstare:
It’s just I found Norne can be an hybrid brave bow user (she has the bulk to EP) :thinking: but idk if it’s worth

But yeah I used a lot Klein last year he’s amazing even before his refine :kleinyes:
And if someday I can make a full team of Brave bow users it can be cool !

That’s why I choosed Norne and Python. I like when the special is based in one of the unit stats. :bigbeauty:


Exactly, he should be using Iceberg. :ardenwoke:



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Hey you’re back @Bakashield, been a while since I saw you here :eyes:.

Well, for the question I’d choose Norne, she’s colorless & has access to some nice infantry buffs.
I like more the builds she’s got depending of your team as well, if you can spare [Brazen Atk/Spd] for the seal I recommend it :ok_hand:t2: otherwise either [Darting Blow] or just the one you have there will do :birbpeek:
(This is for the first build, when no F!Berkut !)

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Ah yes I forgot Darting Blow exists as a seal, I think Brazen Atk/Spd will be the better option here :feh_rein:
You know F!Berkut is the best friend for any build which have Double Brazen Atk/? :feh_rein:
Well I think I have my answer, Calvary + Color isn’t really a good deal for a brave bow build :thinking:



Ohh alright!, [Brazen Atk/Spd] seal then :reinthink: but if you need it on someone else [Darting Blow] is a good alternative!.

Ha, reminds me of your Death Knight showcase, been seeing it a lot lately, it’s really funny :legion: & you proved that. F!Berkut’s [Kriemhild] backfire 20DMG to the nearest ally is actually fun for easily enter in range of brazens and :desperation: :eyes:.

Yes, specially since he can get at disadvantage, it’s best you go for Norne :+1:.

And that’s a lot of Klein :kleinyes: @Banini you should show him yours, it’s a powerful force :fire: :humblecurate: :kleinyes:

My Klein

Nah, that’s my old one :humblecurate:

Here he is now


Hmm alright, I think maybe, I will give him the Rolf’s bow (cuz I already have Sue and they’re pretty similar [Sue & Python])
But I like him a lot when I was discovering him in the Forging Bonds (and happily I got one of the best Ivs for him).

Well, I have what I wanted, Norne will be surely my next Brave Bow user :maristare:
Thanks everybody for answering me quickly :zekewhat:

Baranku's Klein

Baranku’s Klein

He looks really nice, congrats :+1:


Colorless bow units are better at brave bow using since the only weakness they have are raventomes, where as someone like Python not only is he Green he’s also a Cav unit so he misses out on some really good skills

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No real bias, really. But I’ll just dump these here

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Thanks for reminding me some basic informations ! (that’s why I made this topic because I was a little hesitant about that)
But Now yeah, it’s clear ! I think I will do it with Norne :slight_smile:

np thx for sharing !
About Gordin I thought in a while a similar build !
I think I will try it with a Double Brazen Atk/Def :p or Brash Desp (cuz I already promoted him since a year & a half)

Brash Desperation could work, to make it so he could also fight dragons when he’s low.
Double Brazen has the issue of not being all that useful at high hp.

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