Qin Liangyu General Discussion

I wasn’t ready. GP Servant Review

A placement in the “D” tier, RIP. But I get it.

Liangyu has one of the more gimmicky skillsets/NP effects in my opinion, which isn’t to say that they’re bad - they’re just :feh_lucyshrug:

Especially her NP effects - they’re good but very conditional.

Properly setup (which is in an NP-spamming team, but not necessarily a solo setup like Inshun would like) she can be a really, really fun Servant and you can stack decently large numbers. But that requires a lot of thought beforehand - she isn’t as easy to work with as some other Lancers, and there are a lot of good Lancers.

Also, there’s a lot of competition in the solo(ish) self-buffing no-damage NP market (Inshun is free; Superhero Orion later on)…but when she works, it’s fun.

I’ll do a post later on where to farm for her mats/how much that costs.


She’s honestly kind of bad. Making her work is…work.

I wouldn’t mind getting her just because her combination of effects is somewhat rare, but she is a very odd duck.


I was very excited when I saw her the first time. She has a really nice design, imo.

Then I looked at her kit… At least I’m not feeling any need to get her past NP1 on this banner.

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Watching YouTube videos that feature her are so very fun though (for me) - but I think she’d get exactly as much use as Inshun has from my roster - none.

She’s not doing any boss killing, even if she does get some stacked crit damage buffs (so she isn’t fighting Bryn or Jaguar); she’s not doing last stand (fighting Herc, Nero, any Cu); she’s not doing farming (Jalter Santa); not buffing her teammates (Liz)…just, she’s unneeded as any other Servant in the game.

I’d use her on CQs for fun when I’m bored and that’s it.


Really wanted a copy.

I had Liangyu on JP but my baby account couldn’t afford me investing on her. Her effects aren’t that big, especially the heal which needs her to get critted, but she is really fun and Ka Ga’s videos with her are always great.

Unfortunately have to skip.

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She’s definitely an “NP5-or-go-home” pick, sad to say, and even then we have to manage expectations. Interesting kit, just not enough oomph. Like a watered-down QSH who can’t survive as well.

I like her eyes and what she wears but her skills doesnt do it for me. Have to skip sadly but good luck to others

Way to totally not mention QSH here lol

And yeah, she basically relies on enemies getting off crits that don’t deal much damage. She’s kinda like Scheherazade, Nobu, Medb, or Arthur—forgettable most of the time, but when the stars align, she’s like the best for the job.

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Chun Liangyu feels like a less fine tuned Inshun. Waifu appeal is really her only redeeming feature


I have to admit, even as a fairly objective observer, that her jiggle physics are impressive.


Oops :fgo_sthenosmug:

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That proves you are being objective, if you denied the jiggle, clearly there would be an unspoken bias.


I love her kit. If I pull her, she is going to be 10/10/10 and grailed in an heart beat.

Obviously she is not a must have not a top pick. But I am willingly to play around interesting unit.


Personally, I’ll admit her design is quite nice.

Her kit? Shudder

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I think her NP is beautiful (same with Lanling). That counts for something.


I can see her being fun to use with the right setup, but I know I’m rarely if ever going to bother to make her work. If I wanted this play style, I’d already be using my Inshun and would be rolling for QSH.

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I like her design, her lore is very interesting to me, China’s sole female general and all.

Making her work on a team is gonna be a chore though. I think she’s much more geared toward specific solo strats. Tbh, QSH would be a better solo player if you really wanted a solo servant. Or a max invested Cu Alter/Herc off your FL.

That being said and done, when her kit gets rolling, it gets rolling.

Tho I do wish the Guts lasted 5 turns especially since it’s double guts.


She can solo bosses, Honako Green used her to solo Maou Nobu in the Guda event on JP

Wow, a D?

I know she’s a Servant with a very particular kit but i don’t think she’s that bad.


She isn’t perfect, and compared to servants with self buff NPs she isn’t amazing compared to them, but she is extremely fun to use, in a team she need good RNG like any self buff NP servant, but with a two 2030 and two Art supports (one been Mozart for his star bomb) she can work amazingly, her heal can be pretty good against Assassin enemies because their high chance to crit. I like her design even if is pretty simple. Her skill set looks great in my opinión

but this could explain the super simple design