QP farming help

Hi guys!

My current QP team has just retired and I can’t seem to find a new QP farm team. Below is my current QP team and both Medusa and Alexander are both retiring in like 10 battles. Was hoping someone could give me a new low cost team or some other substitute.

Also, I’m using that 20% mystic code for my QP farming ones.

Retired servants:

Blood axe rider Ishtar astolfo

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Sieg should be able to oneshot wave 1 or 2 even with skills at 1.
He also has a battery so you only need to find a third member among your Riders or Berserkers.

Edit: With raised skills his average damage is just 1.4k below the max hp for the third wave so he could clear any of the three waves.

Double np paracelsus plus AoE rider of choice and team charger of choice.

Back when I summoned ozy (my first team charger) and Medusa and Nitocris needed a retirement, I experimented around. Ozy paracelsus alex was my favorite choice. I picked alex for the extra charisma since paracelsus doesn’t have the best neutral damage (still need to face card the gold door iirc, but literally any cards worked), but I think he still cleared the silver doors without alex’s charisma so you can sub any other rider and have more to face card on the gold door.

This should work well. Spartacus is not yet retired. I never thought of using Sieg. Thanks.

What is this “retirement” of which you speak?

Bond 10. Many people stop using servants who reach bond 10 because they can’t receive bond points any more (at least until bond grails arrive with LB3)


Pretty much once they reach bond 10. I stop using them as i need those apples and SQ from other servants.

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Arash is the only bond 10 servant I will still use for farming

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Here you go:
Paracelsus fist wave (golden sumo ; max fou ; minor face card needed). Self 100% even if the skill is only level 1.

Spartacus second wave. Self 100% with kalei.

cha cha third wave. Self 100% with kalei and her own NP charge (level 10). Third wave.

P.S. Or, instead of paracelsus, use cu caster (often overlooked).
Needs aerial drive and max fou and max NP charge skill and NP4+

If you have her Helena can wave clear and charge your other team members NPs freeing you to use essentially anyone you want

I do have the shitty archer version, i’ll try if she can wave clear wave 1.

Bunyan + Ozy.
Arash does not get the option to retire. ;)

My team is Arash/Bunyan/Spartacus/Ozy (or Merlin/Waver)

Never used the archer version but since she has an AOE NP and the same charge skill it’ll probably work. The only real difference since the caster version doesn’t have class advantage either is you’ll be missing out on the team buff to all card types. You’ll definitely need to face card the gold door but as long as you level her skills and fou her I think she should kill both the silver doors. Helena caster is usually my go to for door farming with Kscope.

Archer version doesn’t hit as hard as caster, especially when caster’s chance based np up buff lands. Always pick caster if going vs neutral targets either way. Check the countdown to summer thread for a recent comparison analysis.

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Any chance based buff isn’t worth counting for farming since you can’t count on having it but I did forget that caster has had an interlude so would definitely out damage her. I still think with high skill levels she’d be able to kill the silver doors though they only have like 14k health then a couple face cards from riders or berserker should take out the gold door, she should be able to farm doors effectively enough

I use Helena Archer for door farming. She works, not much else to say about her.

Well, at max level it rarely fails in my experience, but I tend to depend on her when face cards can easily overcome the few misses

Lots of creative teams you can use. Here’s a hella f2p one

but didn’t the Apoc raids dump QP on you how do you still need more