Quality of Life changes you wish existed? 🧐

Besides the obvious QoL changes (like a majority of the features locked behind the FEH Pass :rage:) what other QoL changes do you guys wished existed? Doesn’t have to be so life changing either, could be something pretty simple or unnecessary tbh

Mine would have to be the Aether Raids and Mjolnir Strike bonus buildings. I’m lazy af and tired of having to go and edit the map every single time the bonus building changes. Sometimes I wish they’d just let you mark which building in your setup is your bonus building so it’d automatically swap out to the next bonus building whenever a new season starts. Hella lazy ik but saves me like 5 seconds so def worth it :sunglasses:


That change would be nice. I’d LOVE some way to type when searching for skills to equip or inherit. The list of skills only get longer and longer every banner.


The option to turn off animations during auto battle but keep them on during normal gameplay. If I’m using auto battle I want it to be quick, but if I’m controlling directly I wouldn’t mind being able to appreciate the animations for a change.


letting you see units who are in your reserves when you inherit skills

also idk if this counts as QoL, but increased number of auto dispatch for AR and adding auto dispatch to SD

Oh yeah, and letting you set your favorite units on your profile card manually without having to play SD


Removing the gen 1-3 low rarity units of the summoning pool and placing them in a legacy banner or something I send home 95% of the units I summon.


Tbh just rework the reserves system into just a bigger barracks. It would be so much better than constantly having to go back and forth between them to do stuff.


Bump autodispatch in AR from 3 times a week to 8.

Remove lift costs altogether and just make it 8 matches per week and a 9th bonus if you did 7/8 manually.

Bump DF in the resort from 5 to 50.

Give us AB, RB, and AA every fucking week instead of a rotation because everyone knows by now the total number of people who play ranked SD is < 1000 so why bother “evening out” the rewards offered when barely anyone will benefit from that mode?

Fuck AR chaos season… Give us ARENA chaos season. Give everyone the opportunity to get a tier bump for one week instead of forcing everyone to roll on new banners and/or have a stockade of +10 legendaries for every season.

And bring back the GHB special challenges from like 3 years ago. One year: grants ~60 orbs, bunch of blessings, and a couple of manuals. Go ahead and keep it for the first gen of GHBs if you’re too snobby to offer the new ones for “free.”


I’d like to be able to lock certain members of a team instead of the entire team. Pretty frustrating to switch three or four units to their scoring builds, lock the team, then switch them all back to their actual builds every time I change my bonus unit for arena.


FEH players:

giphy (5)


Balance within the game…

Too bad FUN doesn’t sell as well as BS…


Let us assign sacred seals between AA matches and on multiple regular teams (w/o the team lock features). Like, as long as I don’t assign one seal twice in the same team I don’t see the issue.


read that wrong Isn’t it bad enough having to have 7 different teams all capable of dealing with the worst BS IS has released (if going for max score) that using the same seal in team after team hardly seems all that game breaking. Especially since the way it works already, you can’t have 2 on the same team using the same seal.


A 5th inheritance slot


Locking Seal slot on a unit makes it so you just can’t use that seal with anyone else in the same team, but another unit on a different team can use that seal as long as both units aren’t on the same team/group.

obviously AA would ignore this.


Tbh I think we need more than 5 even at this point…


The ability to refund all my summons and get my money back


Just let use inherent all of a units skills at once


Tbf we technically can already do that by locking the team the unit is on

Better search options for ally and summoner support. Adding in the new sort features would be an easy fix.

Making it easier to incorporate bonus units into AR. I understand the desire to promote new units, but their inclusion slows down the game so much. Having the bonus unit as a spare slot that gets locked independently would be amazing and would make me play AR more.

I would prefer if the mythic bonus units were removed from AR defense though. ARD is all about crafting a well balanced team to trap and counter most common playstyles. Bonus units do nothing for this and just muddy the gameplay as half of the defense units dont even feel made for AR.
I would be fine with them keeping the defense bonus units if they actually were getting refines at a reasonable pace.

(My favorite QOL update in the last few weeks is having AR Chaos feature full gens as bonus units)

totally agreed with all of this :slight_smile:

Also my wish. Increased drop rates + less orb costs (first summon 4 orbs, summon 2-4 each 3 orbs, 5th summon 2 orbs)

let me dream