Quality over quantity?

So I am wondering what is better to have Pokémon wise is it quality or quantity? For example, I have 3 alakazams, two of which are almost perfect and the third is a legacy but not so good. I’m trying to figure out if it is better to focus on powering these up that I have now or should I keep evolving more first? They are all around lvl 20 also. I am in the same situation with my machamps also so any advice will be helpful. Thanks!

I run 6 uniques, so I would honestly only power one.

The third Legacy should be fine, although people might look down on you if it’s missing ATK IVs or has single digits on one of its stats. You can find another legacy and lucky trade it however.

What do you need them for?
If it’s for raid purposes I advise you to save your stardust.
Search for a high lvl weather boosted wild Eevee
Ignore IVs
Walk the Eevee 10k
Evolve it at day time for just 25 candy

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A level 20 Mewtoo will perform better than a level 40 Alakazam.

Espeon is almost equal to Alakazam and much easier to obtain.

If you don´t have a team of 6 between Mewtoo/Espeon and really need to complete your psychic team I would then just evolve a high level Abra irrespective of IVs.

If it´s for Terrakion there are tens of other pokemon that will do fine!

It was kind of just more of a general question, not really asking for a specific purpose but mostly I do raids. I just picked the game up again but I’m not able to do anything over 3 star raids atm so I’m trying to figure out the best pokemon I have to power up to progress further. Thanks!

I guess the main question is if I should run 6 unique for raids or should I use 3-6 of the best I can get which are alakazams machamps and Gengar’s at the moment.

If you’re on your own, 3 star raids is the most you can do anyway: 4 and 5 star raids are only doable with several trainers teaming up.

The general advice when building a roster is “don’t power up anything until you’re level 30”, because that’s when you reach the cap of maximum level pokémon available in the wild. It’s a pretty good advice: it would be too bad to invest 100000 precious stardust in any pokémon if soon after you can catch a very similar one in the wild. I would soften it a little by saying the higher level you get, the more reasonable it is to power good ones up. And of course, since you can only get legendaries at levels 15, 20 or 25 for limited periods of time, once a good raid boss leaves you can start powering up your best ones even if you’re not lvl 30! Generally speaking, it’s good to power things up only when you need them, because even when you’re high level, there is a regular flow of novelties tham come into the game.

And that leads to your question: I would favor quality over quantity, because for almost every situation there is gonna be a better pokémon coming up sooner or later. Build your team with high level, cheap, wild caught pokémon (Eeveelutions are a great start). If you take the example of psychic, that would be evolve up to 6 high level Eevees into Espeons. Evolve other Eevees to get Flareons, Jolteons, Vaporeons too, if you can afford. Progressively, add other pokémon in the mix: Maybe one good Alakazam (if it has legacy psychic, the move is now so good it can actually outperform future sight despite lower IVs), a Mewtwo if you can get one, etc. For fire, try to get as many Torchics as possible to evolve them during december community day, with a guaranteed blast burn! Hunt down Litwicks as well… and build your fire team by powering them up when you need them, replacing good old Flareons from your main team progressively. Same logic with every type (forget about normal and treat ghost and dark as one type, since they are countering the same thing).

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There are some T4s you can solo, but all the planets need to align to do them lol


Gotcha that makes sense, I think I may just pick one of my best of each type to power up? Being at level 32 right I’m trying to figure out the best way to progress.

Being at lvl 32 you can only power up pokemon to lvl 34, but you could catch them wild and weather boosted up to lvl 35. They may have worse IV’s but it doesn’t really matter.
So it’s kind of pointless in your situation to power up lvl 20 ones

I’m a casual player and I’m often looking on here for advice on what to power up, evolve or unlock 2nd moves ect. I’ve found everyone is helpful on here but there are so many different styles of play(which makes this game great) which means there are always conflicts in what to do. I’d say if you want to use a certain mon then do it, likewise if you’ve got loads of dust and aren’t bothered about what might be coming out/up soon (trust me there is always something around the corner in this game) then spend it.
I used to be worried about what if I do this or that but found it was taking the fun away from my walk to and from work.
So now I just see what I’d like to do, try it and if it doesn’t play out well I don’t worry to much. I plan a little(so this Dec cd is my only plan atm) but not to much as I never know if I’m gonna be about at weekends ect.
Good luck and enjoy the game! :crossed_fingers:t3:


Just catch pokemon at level 30-35 (these that take more than 5000 dust to power up) and concentrate in evolving these to build your squads. Ignore IVs for now until you have like 6 or each relevant type.

For example, your ice squad may be low IV but level 30-35 glaceon and mamoswine. You will still contribute lots into a raid vs anything weak to ice and you don´t spend any valuable dust.

If your goal is to defeat raid bosses, 6 so-so mon, of the right species and move set, powered up to level 30, will get you further than one excellent specimen that is maxed out. ((66 candy and 75K stardust to level from 20 to 30) * 6 gets you 6 mon that performs 90% as well as a maxed mon.
Maxing out a mon from level 20 requires 248 candy and 225K stardust.)

For PvP and TR stops, investing your wad in a single mon that is best of its species, is the better strategy, because team sizes are small, and you can be prepared for a wider variety of threats, if all the mon on your team are different.

You probably mean from level 20 to 40 :wink:

from 30 to 40 is 182 candy and 150K dust
from 20 to 40 is 248 candy and 225K dust

Yes, thank you for the correction.