Quan vs. L!Ephraim

I summoned Quan for the first time on the Changing Winds banner; he is -HP +def. I don’t love using lance cavaliers, except for one who is of direct competition: legendary Ephraim. I mainly run my Ephraim defensively; in fact, the build I currently have on him is eerily similar to the top build Gamepress’ analysis recommends for Quan.

I know Ephraim has more potential for being offensive and a Galeforce nuke, but I’m not going to change the way I build him for the sake of popularity or another unit. In fact, I was thinking of foddering off my only Surtr to Ephraim, so I could reequip Solar Brace in the B slot and let him have its effect and the effect of Guard at once. This Surtr is +def, however, so I need decide if I’m willing to sacrifice one of the most broken units in the game.

That still leaves the issue of Quan’s presence. I’ve not played FE4, but I want to one day, and have gotten attached to some of its characters through Heroes including Quan’s own lover Ethlyn. We’ll probably get more Heroes from FE4 next month if the legendary banner leak is to go by, and I’d be interested in summoning for their daughter Altena if she were to up. She would probably also have Gae Bolg, or maybe a better version of it, and even though I have like seven lance fliers I’d probably have more interest in her than her father. Maybe having too much of the same unit isn’t so bad after all? But I wanna know other peoples’ experiences with using Quan and how to build him.

I’m not sure if you want to, but you could make him into an awesome physical wall by foddering Surtr.

Weapon: Def Refine Vanguard+
Special: Bonfire/Ignis
A: Steady Stance 4
B: Solar Brace/Quick Riposte 3
C: Flexible
S: Steady Stance 3/Quick Riposte 3

Gae Bolg is a good weapon fight me
Everybody loves the Gay Bulge

Only fliers can escape such a deadly weapon of mass destruction.