Query about viability of post str para In arts looping teams after bride gets her buff

As paracelcus strengthening quest is imminent in NA, and knowing how much of a cornerstone he becomes for arts looping teams, how does he fare in arts looping teams specifically as compared to post buff bride? I do have bride and I was wondering if there are some practical situations where he is preferred over post buff-bride or vice versa?

I believe they’re often run together, along with Tamamo and your Arts looper (like say, SurfMo).

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Like @The_Wyandotte said, they are often a matched set rather then competitors for the same spot. Especially true when Bride gets her rank up.

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I’m interested to see will para be compatible with zerkalot 3t farming that 50 np gain is no joke.

I mean you can use both in the future, like Tamamo/looper(Sieg for example)/Bride (with Bond ce if you can)/Celsus
And may work, but in the future Bride is a better option if you don’t have MLB kscoup

He is useful but usually only the people without 2004 use him for that

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You’re usually gonna run both in tandem unless you’re going for some hyper meme double bride Tamamo Jarcher black grail stuff.

These posts are interesting.
Paracelsus is a servant i never used for story reasons (did never really forgive him for his role in London Singularity) so it is nice to read his viability.

Makes me want to try him

True but 3t 50np gain is nothing to sneeze at.

Yep, is a pretty strong buff, is good for looping or helping an allie with bad NP gen

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