Question about a particular medal

I hope anyone can possibly help me out on this one or am I just understanding it incorrectly, for my first CC event I was lucky enough to reach risk 18 immediately but noticed that I have some medals that I haven’t gotten yet and I don’t think I understand how you can meet the criteria for this :

From what I understood, you need to finish a CC permanent stage with 8 risks and collect the rewards, is that right? What I actually did before I started my risk 18 run is try it on a 6 risk only then jumped immediately to risk 18. Can I still possibly get this medal or not anymore? Any response would be deeply appreciated :smiley:.

Challenge Contracts are the missions on the permanent map that ask you to complete the map with a certain set of contracts. Right now only 6 of the 8 challenge contracts are available and the last two will be released during the second week when we get more contracts.


Appreciate the response. Kinda new to the CC format since this is the first time I’ve played one. I actually started on the later part of CC 2 and never attempted it at all not knowing there will be additional content on the next few weeks. Thanks again for the help :blush:.

At best you can only collect 6 of 9 medals in week 1. Theres 2 that require more then 7 days worth of actions so they force you to wait till week 2 when the final 2 challenges for the permanent map drop and for days 8-10 of beating the daily stage at S rank. And of course without those 2 you can’t get the large one you get for collecting them all. But you got the limited platinumed medal that was time sensitive and the hardest to get so the rest should be a cake walk

It’s 7 out of 10.

Oops I meant 7 out 10 I didn’t count the 100% medal.