Question about a unit availability

Hello, should I (most likely scenario) create a new account in these days, a unit like Luna can be summoned or did I miss her banners and she won’t come back any longer?

Sorry for the late reply since I don’t go to this site much anymore, anyway…

What SG did over a month or so back was have a banner that had several limited units like Luna for example and other units who weren’t limited, which we players were allowed to pick 3 units out of said list to create a specialized banner of the 3 units we wanted, and as an added bonus there specific artifact came with them. It technically didn’t have a pity system like the usual banners but every summon did give a coin specifically for the coin shop to buy one of the 3 units you chose or one of the artifacts instead. Do believe there are plans to do this every 6 months since there are plenty of limited/collab banners that happen yearly so SG decided to do these speciality banners once awhile for those who missed out AND to make room for more collabs/limited/holiday events.

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