Question about Alexander

So how good is Alexander? , i’m leveling him and i want to know, and he need feathers
:fgo_circereally: like every servant

He’s one of the few servants with quick support and has a middling charisma. Though if you use him just for support, rider starweight will be a problem. Charm skill is situational (and I don’t have it leveled enough to make it dependable for against the right traits). His np is stronger than Medusa’s, but she has a battery for faster play, and stun that is universal.

I haven’t played with him extensively, favoring Medusa (and now Ishtar rider) for AoE riding needs. But he’s a decent unit. I may use him more now that Medusa is 10k from bond 10.

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He’s your best Quick buffer pre-Skadi that’s not named Waver or Wu Zetian (or uh, Caesar really, if I’m to reference Waver), if purely due to his multiplicatively stacking buffs, on top of being able to be a serviceable DPS in his own right (such as making use of the fact that his NP OC is 15-35 stars). His Charm is kinda blah but it later gets the values raised and turns into a very nifty ST buff removal. He has superior damage to Medusa due to having different buffs in-kit, but she NPs more easily, so you will almost always use her more than him for simple farming.

If you’re really short on plumes you can hold off on the 3-9 he needs for ascension until later. Alex definitely isn’t bottom-tier for Rs but he’s easy to ignore, compared to ever-helpful other silvers like Para, later Avicebron for being sub-Para in terms of wave clearing, Bedi, Lu Bu, ProCu, Euryale, or Caesar.


He also gets animation updates eventually with lightning effects, so that’s cool. Hope his charisma gets buffed, but even if not he’s fairly high on my extensive grail list.

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How soon is the update?

He got his during the Case Files event, so roughly late April of next year.

:fgo_insane: thats a lot of time

Unfortunately Lu Bu and Fuuma get theirs later on than that, but it’ll be worth the wait to me. Gives some time to collect grails. :fgo_moriartysmile:

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I already enjoy using Lu Bu a ton, hits like such a monster truck I don’t even care that he dies if sneezed at, so the animation update had me rejoicing. Fuuma I was happy to see be remembered at all even if I only rarely use him, and that one time AOE Nullify Buff is delicious. All on a Servant that can bite the dust soon after due to R stats, modestly debuff an enemy before that, and give Evade that turn as well!

If only I liked his Summer outfit literally at all.

I intend to have Lu Bu grailed to 80 by the time we get Chen Gong so that he’ll be even more powerful and have a quality team setup that fits thematically as well (I’ll have to see whether Red Hare functionally fits well with those two, because that would be the ultimate Lu Bu themed team). As for Fuuma I already grailed him to 80 and I tend to try to keep him alive because he’s one of my favorites, but I understand others only wanting to use him for his quality debuffs, everyone has their own favorites.

Yep, it’s always so nice to see! He’s a good boy, but I love my taunt fodder memeing and, admittedly, just don’t find him terribly fun to play with otherwise. Curious, do you intend to eventually take him further?

He’d be one of the first options of 3 stars I’d bring to 90 (alongside Robin Hood and a few others), but there’s a bunch of other servants I’d like to bring to 80 first, so it could take a while until I do, unless I change my mind.

I was going to put a grail list in here, but then I realized this isn’t the place for that, as then I’d hijack the thread even more than we already have.

We can definitely continue that conversation in the grail/grail aspirations thread, if you’re open!

At any rate: Alexander, he’s solid. Good boy, good boy.

Yep, good thing cut/paste exists, so my typing wasn’t wasted. Just tracking down the thread now.

I know the pain with feathers. Any fun servant I wanna use like Astolfo or Marie caster always need 11 feathers


The feathers are the embodiment of evil

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Not even the 20 feathers from the event shop are enough to cover 63 in total. And that’s just with ascensions, not leveling skills.

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There’s a reason - several, actually - I’ll be farming feathers possibly until SW Rerun.

I just need one more feather to MX ascend “Axel the pretty alright”,and i haven’t end Shimousa or Salem, what a happy life