Question about automated farming on android 6.0

Hello there.
I hope this topic is not against the rules here (as I could not find anything about it there).
I have been looking at automated farming setups for doors and such and woul like to give a shot to some automation. However, I can not find a tapper, that would work on android 6.0 and would have the necessary stuff.
The one I see mentioned in every thread only works with android 7+ and ones on G-store just do not work or are too limited.
If anyone can help with my little connundrum, it would be most appretiated. :)

I’m pretty sure this sort of thing is banned under the terms of service of the app, and if you value your account, I wouldn’t try it.


You shouldnt play this game if you wanted auto grinding mode. There are alot of games with built in auto grinding mode. This game isnt built for that purpose. We are suppose to play this game manually which is more fun. Find another game if you still wanted play games with auto grinding mode.

Hey. I get that, and I do not want to use it anywhere else beside QP farm and handfarm. I was farming it since the 1/2 AP went out and I am starting to loose my mind of the repetetivness.
And I do not play FGO because it’s a mobage, but because I love Fate franchise. The story, characters and events are what keeps me in. I did try a few other mobile games (Pokemon Masters, Shin Megami Tensei, Kingdom Hearts, pretty much everything I am invested in and found a spin-off) and they just could not hold me for more than a month at best, while FGO has me since I started playing during the very firs halloween event with caster Liz.
However, having less and less time and more and more things I need to take care of irl. it makes me feel really bad to basicly do the thing over and over with no decision to be made, while I could have been doing something much more productive. And that’s when it hit me. When I feel like a bot during certain parts, why not implement one? (And event-grinds are fine. Run with sub-optimal setup, they can be a challenge to fuigure the most efficient way and I love testing and tweaking it.)
And the thing is, I did read queit a few threads about it, how to set it up, and how their TOS does not even have this stuff mentioned, but my gear is pretty much stopping me from that.

I did read up on it, and could not find a thing about it in TOS. It’s the kind of “on your own risk” thing.
They CAN ban me for playing it here, in Europe, so I am basically at risk all the time, as there is no other way to play the game.

RPG and MMORPG are grinding games whatever you choose. If you cant handle the repetitiveness I dont think it suits you. Yes, I know Its boring and tiring. I myself still experience it after years of playing grinding games. I tried some mobile games with auto grinding mode and its faster for me to quit because I dont feel the efforts and nothing fun where you didnt do anything to raise your characters. Once I tried FGO, I’m totally hooked to it even before watch the animes. Either manual grinding where I could say this game is really a laid back grinding. Several months ago I was tired of the game because I cant get astolfo and somehow I manage to get him and now I dont think I will quit the game. Some peoples bored with the game because lack of auto grinding or PvP but actually both are what makes the game is toxic. Auto grinding means everyone can be super OP because everyone can access of unlimited farming resources using PC for 24/7 like most those youtubers mobile games now. PvP will make the game competitive but at some point you wont like the game at all because you will get owned by whales and 24/7 grinders unless you do it as well. Honestly just take it easy because there are no competitive on this game and play on your own paces, not bot paces. If you want play games where they got auto grinding mode you could play ROM or KR to try how boring it is. I myself quit it after 3 months of playing it due how boring you wait your characters to automatically grinding exp, gears, golds on your PC or laptop for whole months while watching youtubes. This game quite suits you if you dont have alot of time to play irl because you wont feel you are far behind other players. Most peoples play auto grinding games with that excuses tbh and I dont find it a good reason. If you dont have time, you dont play. If you play games where they got auto grinding mode but PvP and other stuffs actually that makes you have to play more than you need. In this game, outside of events either you take it easy for a break or just waste your daily AP. Event grinding took alot of time though from my opinion, I grind 5 apples for 3-4 hours because of slow load phone. But auto grinding mode games will make you want to grind for 24/7 where you will make alts especially if you play on PC emulator.

Well what the others said.
Regardless you’re looking for
I have pretty much used it during lottery farming and during some 1/2 AP doors farming.
Don’t think I would have been able to farm that much otherwise, or even atleast consume all the apples I had.

Hey. Thanks. I am tinkering with it right now and it seems to work fine, excet one thing. It does not want to fire off an NP. It uses skills, even master-skills no problem, just NP does not work.
And I pretty much intend to only use it on the same things you mentioned (maybe even not on event farming, as I like to tinker with teams there). QP farm was just grinding my sanity away so much.