Question about berserker

Now I don’t have any berserkers so I want some information about 3 star breakers who have high damage and high survivability much like Heracles

I don’t think you can have both in the 3* range. You either got power (Arash, Lu Bu) or survival (Cu Chulainn)

Hmm isee

@prince2019 try making a thread for all your doubts, no need to create a new one every time.

Ah okay ahem by the way does any good 3 star berserker comes to mind

I have no idea about JP, I just created an account to control my roll urges…

I don’t think they exist :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I suggest you try Lu Bu, his NP5 damage surpasses NP1 5* servants and he can function as Buster Crit dealer too
Or : if your enemies are servants let Cú equips Art of Death Ce he can deal dmg approximates bểkers with suppaaa survival —> super Cú Alter budget —> your demand:)

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Wish me luck to get him

Alright thanks I will go with lu bu

Spartacus is a good farmer with his battery, Lu Bu has great single target damage.
No bronze or silver berserker has as much survivability as Herc, Spartacus has several heals and a guts, but heals don’t matter when you die in one hit.
For just survivability, George is a tank and very bulky. Leonidas is the other notable tank, but he trades a heal for more team support. All Cu Chulainns have a special evade that works per-hit instead of per-turn; Tawara Touta and Cursed-Arm Hassan have it too. David has survivability in a team single-hit evade plus a heal+defense up.