Question about Dimitri

So I’m currently playing through my headcanon playthrough of the game, and I noticed something the last few times that I forgot to ask about.

Just before the battle at the Tailtean Plains, when Dimitri is discussing their plan with Rhea, he mentions that the Blaiddyd bloodline will live on, even if he is struck down; but they never clarify what he meant. Did Dimitri have siblings that I don’t recall that still live? Or do you think that maybe he had a child with someone during the timeskip? Ingrid, maybe?

Dimitri’s uncle Rufus did a lot of sleeping around.


This was in Edelgard’s route, right? It’s likely referring to his uncle. Since Cornelia didn’t end up sabotaging Faerghus in that route, the offscreen encounter with his uncle, Rufus, doesn’t happen and he survives. In Soviet Faerghus, Rufus raises heir


Technically there will always be a Blaiddyd bloodline since even if everyone in the main line dies, there will always be a next closest person :feh_noodlegard:


Yeah Claude


Does he have an Uncle Rufus? I had a hard time caring about Dimtri and his arc, so I may very well be forgetting about him.

I know there’s some monastery dialogues during the academy phase that mention that Dimitri’s uncle is the de facto leader of the kingdom because Dimitri is still too young to take the throne. And in all routes except Crimson Flower, Cornelia murders Rufus and pins the blame on Dimitri, leading to his arrest and eventual attempted execution.


He’s not mentioned much, possibly due to him distancing himself from his family because they didn’t care for his lack of Crest, but he is noted to have taken over as king after Lambert got Dusc’d on


Hmm. Now that you two mention it, that does sound very vaguely familiar.

It doesn’t help that I only played Azure Moon once.

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