Question about Elite TMs

Could I use an Elite TM for Omastar to give it the legacy moves that it has?

If so, Shiny+Double Legacy Omastar could be a very rare own (only usable by Elite TMs), and while it obviously wouldn’t be the best Rock type attacker, it’d be a great showoff piece that I’d love to have.


If I am understanding things correctly on Gamepress and Pokémon Go community, the Elite TM can be used anyway you want to but generally the idea is to use it on a legacy move (that has occurred or will occur in the future). Regular TMs are for current moves.

So if you want to use it omastar because it makes you happy then go for it. I’m assuming you omastar already has one legacy move and you will add a 2nd one with the Elite TM. If you don’t have the 1st legacy move than you will need 2 Elite TMs.

My only thought process is maybe hold on to the Elite TM that you get after this season of GBL until you(or everyone actually) knows how frequently you get the Elite TMs. So far I need several Elite TMs to get my pokies the movesets I want. Also it just popped in my head and not to be a downer but it may take several Elite TMs to get the legacy move you want.

They stated that Elite TMs will allow pokemon to learn attacks previously available during events (like CD, raid days). Since legacy moves of Omastar are not event moves, I think they are unlikely to be obtainable from Elite TM for Omastar.

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I’ve heard from a few places that with an elite TM you get to choose the move you would like from a list, so I think one elite TM will do for one pokemon if that’s true.

You may be right about choosing which move you want with Elite TM… hopefully more information will come out soon.

Still looking for a definitive answer.

This is taken from Niantic’s initial announcement on Elite TMs.

The wording here states that Elite TMs will allow Mons to learn moves previously only available via events such as community days and raid events. Omastar’s legacy moves are neither of these things, and aren’t tied to an event of any kind, so I would assume the answer is no, an Elite TM won’t let you access those moves.

If anything, I think it’s more likely that Mons like Omastar will have their legacy moves returned in a future moveset update. They’ve already done this with a handful of others (Gyarados, Dragonite, Snorlax, Magneton, Haunter, Hypno, etc).

Elite Fast TMs??? I thought all the moves released during CD and raid days were charged moves. Raid days??? I’m assuming that is for things like ex-raid Mewtwo or regular raid Mewtwo but with limited release of Psystrike? I know raid day for Moltres was only day you could get sky attack, so Elite CTM would be help Moltres. I was hoping to add Psystrike to my exraid Mewtwo and give shadow ball to my Psystrike Mewtwo. Bummer if I can’t add legacy moves to Mewtwo…

I’m thinking of moves like Smack Down on Tyranitar, Thunder Shock on Zapdos or Ice Shard on Lapras and probably some others too…

Aah. Thank you ikke. I forgot Smack Down is a fast move. I suppose I didn’t notice about thunder shock and ice shard were fast moves…probably tells you I rely on Ttar more than on Zapdos or Lapras.