Question about grailing low rarity servants as a (somewhat) new player

So I just beat the solomon singularity and am currently prepping my servant lineup for EOR and Lostbelts. After looking into it I kinda realized I made the game way harder for my self by trying to use an arts team without using any of the really useful f2p arts servants (I.E Euryale, medea, paracelsus etc), so I’ve been taking some time to level them. However, I’ve also heard that from EOR onwards the difficulties of the next singularities are kind of a continuation of babylonia. This leads me to ask- If a good portion of my servant roster are 3 star servants and lower, would I need to grail them to 90 to make them viable for EOR and Lostbelts or can I leave them at 70 and simply focus on maxing their skills instead?

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Just maxing skills is exactly what you should do. 3 stars and below want stats but the gain from just 2 or sometimes even 4 isn’t going to be very impactful, even more if thet lack maxed skills or at least 9/9/9.

Do not grail for gameplay. Also 3 stars and below are still viable even in Part 2.


3 stars and under are viable for these story chapters

Grailing your lower rarities is not strictly necessary to complete any story fights, especially with good friend supports


I know I forgot to mention this in my original post but I was also curious about whether this would still hold true for challenge quests during events?

Every challenge quest and story chapter is beatable with just 3 stars and below.


If you like your low rarity servants a lot, sure, grail them. I’ve got a collection of grailed lower rarities myself.

But, if just doing it for gameplay, work on skills first for sure. When higher rarity servants come along (and then will, with time) with higher stats naturally, if you aren’t invested in the character it is easy to regret grailing the servant for gameplay alone, unless their gameplay is something you love regardless of character it is attached to.

Cu I took to 90, partially for gameplay after so many butt saving quests, but I also really like him from FSN and my only regret is that he’s bond 10 without a compelling reason to give him a bond grail.

Paracelsus I took to 80 just for the gold border. I’ve noticed no improvement in gameplay, but the gold makes me happy.

Arash I took to 100. Oh boy what an improvement! Without buffs, his baseline resist damage now is about what his baseline neutral damage was…and with buffs it just goes up and up. But 10 grails is a big commitment I never would have made without really liking his character too.

Kojirou is still fun to play with, but even at 80 he’s not hitting as hard as any of my higher rarity assassins. He’s another I wish I could move up the bond grail line.

On the other hand I grailed herc to 90 purely for gameplay, now I usually find him superfluous in gameplay with a bigger roster and have many many times wished to have those grails (and lores) to give to someone else.


You can get through even the lostbelts with lower rarity servants. For example…on JP I got hard carried through part one and most of part two by Gareth. Little 2 star Lancer (granted, I ended up grailing her…) and by Bedivere (little 3 star Saber who I friggin love to death and also ended up grailing…he’s also grailed to 100 on my NA main because I adore him and for the longest time he was my only ST saber). Gareth is level 100 right now and Bedivere is level 98 (will be level 100 with one more grail).

Like people have been saying, grail for love and not gameplay.


Grails should be spared for servants you especially favor. If it all boils down to gameplay reasons, it is advisable only if you really enjoy using said particular servant. Just at least make sure you’ll be getting the worth of your grails before using them.

While I may be reiterating, most content can be accomplished using the lower rarities (with some needing help from welfares). Silver and bronze fous are enough if you really need some stat boost. Leveling skills help too since some provide bigger damage increments more that raw stat boosts. For what it’s worth the lower rarities at least make up for their lack of stats with their more accessible max NP levels.


Grailing is more for love/favoritism than gameplay. The performance difference is normally negligible so try to just grail your favorites

Like I use hundred personas and boudica on arts teams regularly, but you really cant tell the difference with them grailed or ungrailed


Here’s some real talk though from someone who struggled with only welfares and low-rarities on his alt (first 2200+ SQ and not a single SSR). Low rarities generally don’t scale well into difficult content because of awful damage on face cards and low hp values, which make them prone to crit one-shots. There’s like a handful of servants who nearly always perform well (taunts like Georgios and Leonidas, Euryale against male Sabers and Berserkers, David if you need an AOE block… and ???), but everyone else is niche utility (Medea buff strip, Mephisto buff block, Arash for a specific wave clear or buff-stacking clears, etc.) or pretty good but strictly worse compared to higher rarity options (Cu, Hans, Ushi, etc.).

Most people who keep insisting that low-rarity clears can be universally done don’t actually do them, and even those who specialize in them (like Honako Green) can often take many tries before nailing down a clear. There are certainly some cheese methods (bond Herc or taunt lines with whale friend DPS) which can clear the vast majority of content, but inevitably you’ll stumble across the random boss fight or challenge quest where it’s going to be more of a struggle without your own top-tier units, esp. support casters. Low rarities are, for most players, a stopgap measure until you build out the rest of your roster, so don’t feel any need to grail them, though you should skill them up. Welfares are superior free options in most cases.

Personally I’ve grailed Euryale to 90, Hans to 70, Cu to 80, and Arash and Spartacus to 70 on most accounts, but it’s not necessary at all.


This was a love & gameplay decision. Rolled GSSR before summer in hopes to get Salieri 5x. No way I wasn’t going to grail him to 90. 100 would have been excessive especially since even on JP he can currently loop with castoria at lvl1 vs Doors (lol)

Before investing into Grails & Gold fou’s to lower rarities I would look at future content and see if you can afford to make that decision. As you may want to grail certain favorites later on for love & for gameplay purposes. What if per chance one of these servants become a lot less viable in future content and then your grails will have been wasted? What if you get a higher rarity servant who does something similar but better?

Those are some things to consider before grailing, or at least it’s something I go over.

I typically like the story locked & limited 3*’s such as Izo, Mori, &Salieri so I’m biased on where I’d spend the grails. (Izo&Mori are worth taking to 100. Salieri doesn’t need the damage boost of lvl100 but appreciates being at lvl90)


The funny part of this for me was the fact that this question came to mind (partially) because I was debating grailing izo when I finally get him to np5 because I like his aesthetic or grailing my other 3 stars for gameplay purposes since I felt like I had to rely on supports for so much of the story content so far lol.


The only low star I grail for gameplay are Arash and Chen Gong and boy do I see a world of difference. My lv 70 Chen Gong can 3T Rider nodes below 50k HP (though I don’t do that regularly). I’m an advocate for clearing the entire game with just low rarities, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I mainly use that arguments on chickpea brains raging about FGO being impossible without whaling. Everyone have their starting SR after all, and likely should build their team around them. It’s very unlikely to not have a couple of golds to build your roster around unless you literally don’t roll, ever.


I would like to very heartily second the hilarity that is a grailed Arash! :+1:

Mine is only 90 but he already hits like an isekai truck and that’s only 5 grails - I can easily use him even on lancer nodes, dude does 40K per enemy AGAINST class advantage with just a few buffs! :sweat_smile:


I have a friend grailing their Izo to 90 for me currently (i got Li np3 , lvl100 so I don’t feel the need to take Izo to 90 anymore due to not wanting 2 grailed ST assassin’s) however because they were willing to grail Izo & use the exact same CE I had planned to use for him, I am even less inclined to roll for the remaining 3 copies for NP.

I hope you get Izo to NP5, he is an excellent Assassin. On JP he is one of the most grailed servants. However I am forgetting where I saw the statistics for that. I find Izo great for CQ’s and many servant match ups even neutral classing given you are using a Ce such as Art of Death or something even greater in terms of damage.


Thank you!!! I’m hoping I have enough quartz to justify rolling for him during the gudaguda banner coming up, especially with the waver rate-up coming right after that lol.

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To be serious, though, I’m one of those “gameplay > waifu” types that everyone seems to hate (I’m sorry!) and while I don’t necessarily regret grailing anybody (everyone that I’ve grailed is at least bond 8 so I’ve gotten good mileage out of 'em) I probably wouldn’t grail some of them again if the grails were somehow refunded right now.

Most of my grails are SR-s going to 90 but if I’m just looking at the low rarity ones I see Arash (would 100% grail again, no question) and Spartactus (probably wouldn’t grail again, don’t use him that much these days). I’ve also considered Cu (but I actually use him so rarely it seems like a bit of a waste) and Jing Ke (one of the rare potential waifu grails for me - but she’s not that great gameplay-wise, so again, a bit of a waste).


Things like this just make me happy. I use him for w3 clear instead of w1 a lot when I can.


I am on the other end of the spectrum from many posters in this thread. I only grail SSR servants. That is because for me, those are the ones that I target on their rate up banners/take the most quartz to get. So, for me, it feels the most rewarding to skill up and grail up those servants that I spent most of my hard earned quartz on (and sometimes wallet-kun’s quartz too). That being said, all the servants I have grailed are ones I really like as well. I even wish I had more grails to raise a few more.

So, if the servants you really like are low rarity, that’s totally cool. The main thing is that you invest in your favorites, whether they are :fgo_arashsmile: or :fgo_ereshsmile:


I think everyone knows that I’m also an SSR-only grail-giver, mostly because I have too many SSR favorites.

There are a few SRs I really like, and Salieri is one of my favorites in the lower rarities, but there aren’t enough grails for me to love them all equally.