Question about grailing low rarity servants as a (somewhat) new player

the low-stars i grailed are lv100 jekyll, lv90 bunyan and lv90 medea and gotta say its make them more useful but you can get away with not grailing your low rarity servants.

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as someone whose first grail was an especially useless 3 star (Serenity), I definitely have to say that’s the one I’d definitely not do again now, and would like the grails back from, not that that would ever happen. my other 4 grailed servants are SSRs and I don’t plan on ever grailing a non-gold servant again. I’ve been carefully reconsidering a plan I have had for over a year just because of how important I think grail planning is.

unless your low rarity servant is an actually good DPS like Hozoin, Ushi, Izo, Salieri or Caesar I’d 100% warn against it unless they’re your absolute favorite character. you just get so much more out of grailing units with better baseline stats as far as raw performance goes. supports are also almost always not worth it as well since they’ll do very little with the extra attack compared to a decent dps.

that said, I’m also a lv 100 absolutist, because I don’t really see the point in getting only a bit of the possible stats if you’re bothering using the rarest non-farmable material in the game on someone. this does have the drawback that you’d be using more grails for lower rarities though, which is presumably why partial grails are so popular.

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It depends a lot on your specific goals - @jokersan4 is very correct in that while bronze-only clears are possible even into the LBs, they are a giant pain in the arse and sometimes have restrictive CE requirements or highly specific support Servants.

Thinking gameplay only, there are some Servants who will observe substantial improvements from Grail stats - if you are really desperate, direct your grails to universal nukes like Lu Bu and Spartacus are probably your safest bets. That said, it’s not really changing things up that much until you are way too far in to justify the investment given they will be immediately replaced by any gold Servants you get in comparable niches. Grails increase stats linearly based on the Servants regular max stats, so bronze Servants at 100 are normally comparable to gold Servants at 80, and you have to pay grails (lots of grails) to get them there.

So, everyone is totally correct and I’m not really adding anything new - grailing is best reserved for Servants you love, since only a handful of Servants are actually meaningfully improved by the extra stats.

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They will die in one hit without grails, basically. But that is no reason to grail them.

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Grailing lower rarities is the best ! Many lower aririties deserve to be grailed such as :



I do find it more meaningful to grail a lower rarity than a SSR

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Grailing a low rarity?The only correct answer is to grail Mata Hari.

She is hot. I respect(ed) her boobs.

Real talk. Grailing a low rarity for gameplay is useless. It adds more stats but it won’t patch up their low attack.


It won’t, but giving Hans the HP to stick for 6 turns and have him hand out his 30% battery and stargen again is very nice. Along with the aforementioned Chen Gong and Arash and maybe Jason. Grailing is best done for two extremes: for the waifus you love too much, or for the gameplay reason you want optimized too much. There’s no in between. Grailing SR or SSR once or twice is too lukewarm to stoke your love, and grailing bronzes to silver is not enough. You either pick a gold or pick a bronze, then drag them all the way to 100.


It helps Salieri’s attack but he still feels like a cheap paper towel when he takes a hit.

I’m surprised no one is mentioning Bedivere as much tbh


My advice for grailing is the same as my advice for rolling: if you have to ask whether you should, then you shouldn’t. Grails don’t make a particularly significant difference in a servant’s overall use cases, so save them for servants you are enthusiastic about using.


Prefer not to mention story-locked servants because they’re not readily obtainable.

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I’ve grailed two 3* up to Lv 90: Euryale and Ushi. It was a mix of character love and gameplay utility. I don’t regret it at all, they have been very useful to me for all hard content, LBs included. And I think I’m going to keep using them for a long time (Ushi with DSS performs great and now that I have Tamamo and Lanling, Euryale gets to shine even more). Might even grail Euryale up to 100, she is my fav archer so far.

However, I kinda regret grailing some SRs: Kama will invalidate my Lv 90 Carmilla (she has been carrying my ass against riders so far, though) and I’m starting to think that grailing Lancelot to 90 was an error, I grailed him mostly for DSS but he is stuck at NP1 and still no kaleidos so my NP2 Parvati gets most of the looping done.

Bronze grailing maybe cheap and gains a bit more NP damage for the first few levels but the improvements may not be so big on the facecards.

I find it more worthwhile to grail welfares & SR up to 90 especially for newbies.

SSR grailing has the most increase in stats but cost more resources even for Vets.


Ask yourself this one question:

" When i get a servant i really like and dont have any grails will i look back into “x servant” and wish i didnt grailed it? "

And make sure the answer is NO.

This way even if the servant is bad you wont be sad/wish you didnt grailed them.

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However, I kinda regret grailing some SRs: Kama will invalidate my Lv 90 Carmilla (she has been carrying my ass against riders so far, though)

Hey, if you hadn’t Grailed her she couldn’t have carried you so well. And it would have been a long time before you got Kama to not have a powerful Assassin – so my advice would be to not regret the value you got from the Grail at all.


Well, that’s why I wrote kinda regret. I mean, it did help me a few months ago and that’s nice but I’m not sure I will use her a lot so yeah… It’s just two grails, anyway.

The only grails I sort of regret were the two I gave to RideRin. I had just started, and wasn’t sure if I’d ever spend money on the game, so I assumed she was the only Rinface I’d ever have. Rin is one of my favorite characters in anime, and she was part of my core team that I used for everything up through Camelot. So she got plenty of value out of them (she’s bond 9) but, in retrospect, she didn’t really need them.

But hey, she’s still the closest thing to playable Rin in the game, so… /shrug


I think it is ok to grail a servant, get some use out of them, and then mostly retire them. I have Jalter and Raikou both grailed. With Skadi and eventually Castoria, I do not use them nearly as much as I used to. But, they both did exactly what I wanted them to, so I don’t consider those 10 grails “wasted” in my mind. :fgo_disgusting:


I agree. If you grail someone, get a load of use out of them and they get replaced it’s fine. An SR to 90 is 2 grails for example, not a big deal really.


Yeah, I have both my Jalter and Raikou at bond 10, so I am happy with the mileage I got from both!


:fgo_seibathink: Maybe that’s part of why I’ve regretted herc’s grails so much. Most of the benefits from him came from support since I didn’t get my own until post camelot when one of the sr ticket for tutorial servants only came out. By the time he was trained up, he smashed through Solomon, then pretty much got benched hard as my account didn’t really need lms so much post Solomon. So cu gave me a ton more butt saving performances from day one and I’ve never regretted his 4 grails. But herc really only shown for one singularity and now I try to forget herc exists to not dwell on the 2 grails he’s got.