Question about Heavyblade Seal and how to inherit Slaying Edge

With the arrival of Astram to my pool of Champions now I can finally give that Skill (Wrath) to my beloved Ayra but now I have a serious doubt, more acurately a bunch of doubts.

First of all I need to Inherit Ayra with a Slaying Edge+ to refine and I have hints of how but not sure of it, so if you can tell me how can I do that much apreciated.

My Legendary Alm is Full Build and is enjoying his Flashinblade Seal but now that Ayra will lose her in-built CD reduced I need to grant her either the Heavyblade or Flashingblade.

And Finally I got a Dimitri wich is an absolutely beast and I want to inherit him with Galeforce but to reach optimal results I need to grant him the Heavyblade Seal.

So I am kinda troubled on what to do; my Legendary Alm is quite strong and I would hate to take away his seal as I believe that doing so would cripple his damage output, but Ayra will need it if I want to change her to the Slaying Edge build; so what do you recomend me to do?

All of them are using their natural Weapons and Special; Ayra active is Reposition.

To get Slaying Edge, you can inherit the Killing Edge+ off of units like Lon’qu or Navarre, then you can refine it into the Slaying Edge+ (with 20 refining stones), then refine it for a stat again (with 50 refining stones, for a total of 70 stones).

Since Ayra is using Regnal Astra (which has 2CD), Slaying Edge reduces it to 1 CD (Slaying decreases the number of hits required to use a special by 1), and to instantly use it, you could give her Wrath from Astram (if you’re gonna fodder him), although she doesn’t need Heavy Blade, since she’ll trigger Regnal Astra on the second hit anyway (if she doubles and the foe doesn’t interrupt it), also since her Atk isn’t high enough to use it consistently.

He’s the best choice for Heavy Blade.

I’d say use Flashing Blade on L!Alm, Heavy Blade on Dimitri, but if Ayra has the Slaying Edge, she won’t need a Blade skill.


Give Alm Flashing Blade A and Darting Blow Seal?

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Sadly I have no unit from whom I can take that skill from.
Anyway is an idea, thank you.

So let me understand this, the CD reduction from Slaying Edge is permanent, not a first turn buff like Quickened pulse?
If so thank you.

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That is the case, yeah.

So give her that and pair it with Wrath, and boom, instant Regnal Astra.

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Merging S!Ylgr?


Ok thank you, last question, do you believe that Astram will become Grial Hero?
He seems quite nice (not enough to not fodder him to Ayra) but also a Wrath income is also welcome.

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Yep. He will.

Just as Kronya and all the other GHB units became available on Grails, he’ll be available too.

Probably next month, though.

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You mean with Grial?
I have some but don’t now if I want to burn 1 summon for that, Still thanks for the info, I didn’t notice that she can be summoned with Grials.

Ok thank you.

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Yeah if you aren’t merging her she’s an option for Flashing Blade. I can understand not wanting to burn grails on fodder you aren’t necessarily dead set on.


Also regarding the Slaying Edge+, I think it’s worth mentioning that some units (such as Rutger) naturally come with a Slaying Edge in their base kits, eliminating the need to refine a Killing Edge+ in the first place.


Thanks for the tip.

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