Question about hel's weapon


I was wondering, maybe somebody here has tried this. The miracle effect on Hel’s weapon doesn’t work vs magic users. If you slap miracle as a special on her, and a non-magic user would deliver a blow to Hel from >1HP, does the game prioritize the weapon’s miracle effect, or the special (if thats also charged)? Or both?

I’m thinking a double miracle set with mystic boost as the healing.



I think that it would work similar to how seliph’s Tyrfing works with miracle

I would think it would take the weapon into effect first. It would be dumb if Miracle constantly activated against every unit despite her weapon always activating against non-mage/staves.


Okay, don’t quote me on this, but I think there is an order of operations that goes into effect, and it’s basically just run down the skills list. So weapon effect should go first, then Miracle, then any other skills, if they have the same effects.


I do think her weapon would proc first, but L!Edelgard’s B skill sure takes priority over Galeforce.


Hmm, that’s a good point. Maybe it has something to do with the conditions in play, since Raging Storm is conditional while Galeforce isn’t? That or specials always activate after other skills. I have no idea.


Yeah, maybe descending restriction could be the answer.

If you gave me a bit I could probably test it. I’d have to level up Hel and give her miracle first.

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Ok, after testing it out the game uses her weapon over miracle. Also tested what happened if they would have a brave weapon. As expected she can’t proc both her weapon and miracle to survive two lethal blows, unless she somehow healed after her weapon went off. To be expected but I was just curious.


I wouldn’t think it would be different. Because wouldn’t it be similar to giving a unit QR3 in the seal slot and like QR2 in the B slot?

It’s not like the unit would follow up attack a third time when still above 80% HP.

I guess if there’s ever a skill to deny miracle from triggering then this would be a galaxy brain build for both her and Seliph. Since the weaker version would be canceled out much like OG Hector having QR2 in Armads and using Wary Fighter and QR 3 seal.