Question about Holy Shroud of Magdalene

Hey guys, with Nero Fest coming probably in 2 weeks , l’ve decided to use this CE for upcoming KH CQ. But l has been wondering, is this effect only active when it was equiq by female servants or does it work on the male as well? As always, thank you for any and all answers. :slightly_smiling_face:

It should work on whomever you give it to.

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Ahh, l see thanks!

on the subject, does anyone know about how worthwhile the mature gentleman ce (60%/80% death resist) from the kara no kyoukai event may or may not be for this quest?

It should help make the instant kill a little less of a dice role but emphasis on a little. Since KH’s instant death chance is so high (NP + Skill) it might not help at all but it also depends on the servant too.

time to introduce the first hassan to the wonders of tv programming

I actually have a similar question about it, so this seems like good timing

I was planning to use Holy Shroud for Nero Fest also, but for the Arash fight

there was this video where the player ran Mash with Melty Sweetheart against Arash and tanked three of his NPs, since it gives 100% defense from males for 3 turns

Holy Shroud only gives 30% defense at MLB, so it probably won’t be enough, right?

Ideally the CE isn’t your only means of defense, you have some kind of supporter to stack to it (or if you want, a solo servant)