Question about Legends Road Trunks (Youth) Z power


What is the current max z score for Trunks assuming you haven’t missed anything? According to this site it is 3500 but the max I can get is only 2950. I’ve never missed anything up to this point so I wonder if I’m bugged.


we have a tester account on one of the in-office phones that doesn’t play through any of the events in order to accurately record the steady increase of z power purchasable with each event re-run, so 3500 is accurate. I’ve heard varying numbers from multiple sources (even one of our writers) but this seems to be a bug in their accounts, and not true to the general game experience.

on the bright side, the minimum Z-power needed to reach 5 stars is 2400 (6 stars is reached at 5000) so the 50 Z that is missing from your exchange shop won’t affect your ability to reach the fighter’s current max potential. by the time the game is selling enough Z power to reach 6 stars, the issue will probably be fixed for everyone with buggy accounts.