Question about Let’s Go games

Hey y’all I know this is a weird place to ask this but I couldn’t find the answer on google and I know a lot of you own either let’s go eevee or pikachu.

If you have two separate accounts on a single switch can you have two separate save files? I’m going to the buy the game and both my girl and I want to play, but we want to each have our own going. I know Nintendo has been weird about multiple save files in the past on poke games. Thanks!

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My son has about 10 different users/game paths saved on LGP. He usually reverts to playing “my” user because you do want to have the secret techniques as a quality of life feature. Also to get the mystery box you need to be about 60% thru the game. Plus, he likes to ride on the pokemon to get places faster. His account he has the secret techniques, too but not a lot more. However, he plays Sword+expansion pack as his roaming/bike riding game

Thanks much!

You also can play at the same time (kinda). Progress will go towards the current user, but it also has the capability to provide a support trainer. Migrating to new places together a bit annoying (plus main trainer can only ride the pokemon). However, makes catching a bit easier. The battling part not super tough, so maybe that doesn’t matter

I’ve bought my son all kinds of switch games (youtube commercials…game play). I finally got NBA 2K21 couple days ago. At least was on sale (like one sale a year for Nintendo), otherwise not a lot of grown guy games…thought about getting some kinda FIFA thing but this basketball plenty tough for now

I have played at least one game of each generation of pkm, most just borrow to end the main and post game, so it could be said not 100%. And let’s go have been one of the most boring games of all.

When you jump to the third generation and are introduced to abilities and double battles, the first and second one become pretty outdated. And I really pour my soul on pkm yellow and silver as a kid, so it is not that they are bad games…it’s just that from hoenn onwards you have so many great mechanics that you can’t simply play without.

Let’s go took that away…and even only let you play with the 151 original mons, plus some alolan and megas. Personally if someone want to experience the first gen on all its glory, I would recommend pkm FireRed or LeafGreen.

Also the champion on let’s go is just a poor man’s rival. There is no way he can achieve the level of complexity that Blue/Gary has.

Yeah honestly I’m not very stoked on it. It’s mainly for the girlfriend and to get some melmetals. I actually got it for a good Black Friday deal, 25 USD preowned from GameStop.

I played the first 5 generation games and Fire red/ Leaf Green were probably my favorite. I usually find ways to inject difficulty into them as they are always easy, and Lets Go seems easier still. Maybe I’ll try to run it as a bug catcher.

I mean it isn’t always easy to assume where you go and how you get there, or what grants the secret techniques. So that slows it just a little, just don’t sit there and grind out 40 hours of game play bc that’ll get you most of the way thru