Question about nitocris

I would like to know whats the recommended skill level for nitocris 1st skill to farm exp nodes.
(She is Np1)

Her ideal skill set is 10/8/X for np1.

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To farm Golden Hands, Nitocris doesn’t seem like a consistent pick.

You can use Demonic Bohitsatvah to make it more reliable, but it can fail sometimes. NP1 might not offer enough damage to kill them on neutral either, i don’t know for sure yet.

She should be fine for clearing wave 1 at NP1, but it’ll be sketchy on wave 2. It should be noted that it appears daily quest MOBs have lower death resist tha free quest MOBs, so her insta-kill is more reliable on hands than you’d imagine, but you’re still going to need to rely on her NP damage to consistently clear wave 2. I have her at NP2, and use her to wipe the first two waves pretty effectively, but I never tried her at NP1. I’d say if you only want to use her for a single wave, a good NP damage CE, like Black Grail, would easily allow her to handle wave 2. I prefer to give her a starting charge CE so she can nuke twice in a row, however.

The death chance on gold hands are 50%. Do not use Nito to clear dailies unless you have her at np3.

The others have already addressed the Skill question so I’ll focus on the CEs.

If you did the recent Summer event, the part 2 shop CE is pretty good. 50% np, 10% Arts Up, 10% NP damage up. Good if you haven’t already maxed out her NP Charge skill.
If you have however, then there is a number of good 3 Star CEs to pair her up with.
Hydra Daggers give you 10% Death while
Seeker of Truth gives 25% NP Damage for Divine (which she is).

I feel like for farming hands kaleidoscope is the best option so you can use her NP twice in a row.

I picked her as my free SR yesterday and instantly raised her to lvl 80 10/8/1, before slapping a Bodisathva on her and trying to farm embers. The results for NP1 are underwhelming. At least half the time one or more of the hands resist the death proc, and she lacks the raw damage to kill the hands outright. So at least for farming dailies, Arash is better. Can’t say for event/free quest farming yet though.

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Did you max fou her already? Sometimes the death proc fails but they survive with so little health that 1 facecard is enough to clear the wave in the same turn so you can still 3T with her at NP1.

I use Arash to clear the first wave and Nitocris the other 2, sure NP2 would make the farming way more efficient but it still works.

On my experience, even with upgraded NP she deals around ~15k neutral damage with NP, hands/doors have ~23k health. ~8K remaining health to face card. NP2 would be around ~19k which is still not enough to kill them.

It’s useful but kinda overwhelming compared to Arash/Spartacus daily farming. I suppose there will be a lot of high hp enemies with workable death chance later on singularities or event farming.

I got her to 10/8/1 with black grail and with blavatsky, merlin and a support waver i can kinda 3T it, it really relies on having a arts chain with a nito card.

Alright, since I’ve done my math, I can say for sure

  1. Enemies with 80% death rate can only be killed ‘always’ by Instant Death if Nito is at 200% Overcharge, with her skill level 10, or else she can only Instant death kill while depending on RNG at 100% overcharge.

  2. For enemies with 100% death rate her first skill at lvl 10 is enough to Instantly kill them, at 100% overcharge.

  3. Dailies have following death rates - (Assuming that Nito’s first skill is at 10)

  • Gold Hands/Doors have 50% death rate (Nito can instant kill them all the time at 500% overcharge)

  • Silver Hands/Doors have 80% death rate (Nito can instant kill them all the time at 200% overcharge)

  • Bronze Hands/Doors have 100% death rate (Nito can instant kill them all the time at 100% overcharge)

Also point to note that every bronze mob in game has a death rate ranging from 80% - 100%, so Nito may fail to IK them at 100% overcharge at times.