Question about Odin (spoiler?)

Im not sure if this affects anything or is a secret at any point but ill hide it as a spoiler just in case.

Maybe a spoiler?

Is it a spoiler to tell someone that Odin = Owain? I am making cards for a game and I would like to know before potentially ruining this.


I mean… kinda? It’s obvious who he is, he isn’t wearing a mask or something, the same for Selena and Laslow. But maybe those who didn’t play Fates will see it as a spoiler, I don’t know

There are worse spoilers tho, personally I wouldn’t mind it


What’s next, is someone gonna tell me Masked Marth really isn’t Marth?


lolol I had no idea til I was looking up odin myself. Buuut, Ive only played FEH.

It wasn’t really a secret in the game besides the name change. In the trio’s supports they’re clearly talking about a different world as well as all three of them will tell Corrin their actual name if you get their other support up high enough(The one where you bring them into your home or whatever it is).

People have already memed the hell out of the game anyways and plenty of people casually throw it out there like it’s nothing. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.