Question about skills that say “at the start of turn”

Skill like rouse atk def and threaten atk def 3 stated “at the start of turn” do some buff or debuff. My question is does it work on computer’s turn or just player’s turn. By working I mean activated. For example I have Afonse with threaten atk/def 3 which stated “at start of turn, if there is an enemy(s) within 2 space from him, debuff them -5 atk , -5 def and buff Alfonse +5 atk, +5def.” Now if I shove him into a group of enemies and end my turn. At the start of computer’s turn, does the skill take effect right away or it’s dud and he get slaughtered.

Just player turn unfortunately. So, all “at start of turn” skills are player phase.


In the example given, the skill will not activate. Alfonse will not debuff those enemies until the next player phase, and by that time they will have already attacked him. :feh_elisad:
“At start of turn” skills always activate on that unit’s player phase, which could be your enemy phase if you’re fighting a unit with a skill like that :feh_birbpeek: