Question about Summer 3 CE percents

It seems it is really easy to go well over 100% with Servants and CE’s during this Summer 3 event. But, does going over 100% of a faction actually give you higher drop percentage? Or is it capped at 100% and anything over that does nothing? Therefore it would be better to go for the Bill drops after you reach 100% faction for that particular Free Quest node.

Hi OP,

There is no cap with the percentage/points drops so you can go over 100% :slight_smile: this just means instead of getting 100 points, you can get beyond 200 points. It’s not like the enemy encounter CEs like during the Shiki rerun that DO cap at 100%.

Nevertheless, it’s still highly suggested to go for bills bonus first so you can clear out thr shop CEs which will give you specific points bonus drops. You’ll need those to unlock the later quests which has points requirements.

Hope this helps, OP!