Question before I switch to iOS platform

Currently running with a Galaxy J7 Prime and I don’t upgrade phones often. Does well enough considering the last phone flat out crashed after an allotment of minutes. Seen smoother gameplay however on iOS and heard F/GO was optimized for it specifically with android as an afterthought.

The possible replacement was a regular ol current market iPad (7th gen I think),which has 1 more gb in RAM before other background stuff takes its toll and a faster processor I believe. Wanted to ask anyone who uses said device or has more knowledge between the two platforms if it’d make enough difference to be worth it or if I should just stick with what works,never touched an apple and I don’t wanna throw away dosh needlessly.

If your current device works just fine, there’s no real need to change it.

It is the general case with games you could say in that sense that iOS is bit more optimized. Nothing like the afterthought thing, as iOS really doesn’t have the variety of devices, processer and graphics types like Android does.
I was previously using Galaxy J7 2016, switched to OnePlus 7 recently. Don’t think that iOS would have made it any faster. The bottleneck is likely the connection delay to the server and the game engine (JP got quite fast after engine update or so I hear) instead of OS.
Though well I might be wrong as I haven’t actually used iPad device.

Fair point regarding variety in apple devices. seems to have 3 or 4 flavors Ipad-wise,makes it easier to pin down more consistently I guess.
Guessing unless someone happens to use one of em comes along I’ll just stick to the first plan,keep what I have till I need to upgrade or the chance to get the 5g thing outa the way presents itself. Thanks for the input.

I have an iPhone6 right now and it plays super smoothly—even JP woth the updated animations cough Gil cough

I don’t have those exact devices, but accounts are on a ~4 yr old iPad mini and a ~1.5 yr old Samsung tab a. Over the same Wi-Fi, the iPad consistently connects to the fgo server faster but has more unexpected crashes. The Samsung is slower, but game stay open, though has a habit of forgetting to display some layers of graphics. Don’t know what is due to OS vs the hardware…but that’s my 2 cents.

Not gonna lie that was one reason,genuine curiosity if anything could handle Gil. Don’t have him but any time I borrow him he’s apparently powerful enough to have his way with my phone from inside the game.