Question for someone who understands stats in GBL

So I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I want to invest in a Giratina for UL for a while, and despite the fact that it would cost me almost all of my rare candy and dust I think I do. I’ve been running Typhlosion/Swampert/Gyarados for a while and while I can occasionally go on a tear I seem to get stuck at about 2000 in rank 8. After running this team I realized how lackluster a 'Tina with only one move can be so I do want to invest in a second move if I go through with it. None of my Tinas have good stats for PVP though. My question is which of these three do you think would perform the best:
1906 15/13/10
1860 11/10/11
1914 15/15/10
I just frankly don’t get the strange way the stats break down so any quick insights or rule of thumbs on that would be quite useful too. Thanks!
Put the numbers in this page and you’ll find out wich one is better. It depends in stats, and caps. But been a calculator, the page will inform better than I can do

Awesome thanks! I didn’t know about that!