Question for SoV Players


I have a couple questions actually because I never played the game.

First question is how does it compare to the other games? I honestly never hear much about it despite it being the most recent game besides Heroes. I loved Awakening and Fates the most (besides Blazing Blade) so how does it stand compared to those games? I will say ahead of time, I really don’t like the support system in Echoes.

I know it’s staying relevant to the old style of supports but I just prefer the Fatesawakening support system. Not for the children, just for the freedom of shipping characters.

TL;DR, is SoV worth playing?

Second question, since I haven’t played, which of the Ram Village boys is Alm’s best friend? I always thought Tobin was the closest to him but I could be wrong about that. I know they probably don’t pick favorites but based on story evidence, who is Alm’s best friend of the group?


I don’t own it, but my older brother does. He says that it is a good game that is worth playing (multiple times probably).

Just be warned, the last levels are super hard. Upheaval is based off of an actual skill Duma has in the game, and it makes things quite complicated. He did the last level like 50 times before he got it right.


Yes and Gray/Tobin and maybe Kliff. Most importantly not Faye.


I only did it once and I always play the hardest difficulty. If anything I found the dragons hard in this game because of insane movement. You have to abuse Invoke really hard all game and it never falls off


Thanks for the advice, I’ll keep this in mind. :slightly_smiling_face:


Do either Gray or Tobin show any edge over the other in their friendship with Alm? I haven’t read any of the supports. Also, dumb question, but does Alm show any Gary Stu tendencies? After Chrom and Corrin, I’m a little weary of FE’s main characters. :/


Yes play it, it’s worth it. SoV has unique gameplay based on Gaiden, so it’s kinda different than other FE but it’s still a very fun game IMO


Gray and Tobin are more best friends with each other rather than best friends with Alm. So I would say all equal but Faye and maybe Kliff. Tobin might have the edge like you said but its not all that big. Alm as a gary stu… maybe? I don’t think he comes across that way for the most part. But I would be lying if I said he didn’t come off as a prince charming type of character. He’s my favorite protagonist if it helps.


See when I think Prince Charming, I think “pretty but bland”. So does he have like legitimate character growth and something to like about him or is he kind of like Sora from Kingdom Hearts where victories are kind of just handed to him without a realistic reason?

I consider Leif and Ike to be two of the FE main characters with the most growth of character and personality. How does Alm compare to them?


I felt like Ike had no personality and I never played Thracia so I cant really compare those fairly. I say they did a great job with Alm. I think he has the most expression out of all of the protagonists and he is probably one of the more relate-able ones. He’s kinda like one of those people who seem perfect when you meet them and change a little when you get to know them. But the only way to know for yourself is to play the game which I do recommend. This is the game that made me realize I dont actually care about the weapon triangle all that much.


That’s good advice. Thanks for explaining it to me. :slightly_smiling_face: If you don’t mind me asking, how come Faye isn’t close to Alm at all? Just because of her weird obsession with him? Also, why was Kliff a “maybe” compared to Tobin and Gray?


Alm really didnt show being close to Faye at all. Most likely because he found it really awkward because he doesnt like her and it really only resolves in their A support. And Kliff is a maybe because you dont have to technically bring him with Alm. So probably just Tobin/Gray

  1. Shit I liked it lmao so you should try it
  2. I’d say Tobin and Alm are the closest, they seem to have the most heart to hearts out of the squad besides Celica.


Heads up Im pretty sure the villager supports are


So I guess Tobin is kinda like the peacemaker too?


Who wouldn’t wanna take Kliff tho, he’s so cute. (Even though his Heroes version infuriates me still) Also, whatchu mean by peacemaker? :o


Yay, my boi wins. Also that’s pretty fair reasoning to get me to play it actually. XD


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Lol im glad weapon triangle dont exist in this game, sucks we cant have axe wielding though…


It doesn’t exist in the hard mode of Radiant Dawn either


Peacemaker as in he gets along with everyone well.

And Ike animated scenes are used at hospitals an an anesthetic


That’s what I’ve been saying, man, how can anyone not like Tobin? He’s onii-chan.

Also, your very unique analogies never cease to amuse me. xD


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…it isn’t working I still want to punch your Gordin in the face.