Question for SoV Players


Thanks for the thorough opinion! I greatly appreciate the insight. I especially love the idea of Grima getting more origins as he’s one of my favorite villains of all time.

Couple questions, I’ve heard people complain about Celicas story before? Why is that? Also, what makes Alm’s story contradictory?

And I wasn’t including Celica because isn’t their romance kind of shoehorned through the story anyways? I might be wrong about that but I’ve just never been that big of a fan of “canon pairings”. Sigurd x Deirdre, Chrom x Sumia (arguably), and others just make me yawn. One of the few “canon pairings” that I genuinely like are Dorcas and his wife because their story is too sweet.


I think it’s because of Celica’s initial personality. She’s pacifistic, like Eirika in a sense, and would preffer to not fight. That being said, as the game progresses and she begins to fight and see what she’s doing she’s given an ultimatum, much like Eirika. Your like for Alm’s. And she chooses Alm because, in a way, she saw that his way was working better, and allowing him to die would mean that the only valid way to victory would be cut off (Also her love for Alm was an enormous reason).

And Alm’s contradiction is at the start of the game actually. The game states, through Alm, that anyone can be special, you don’t need to be a royal to lead the Deliverance, or to save a country. But I think what, 1-2 missions after that he literally get’s a royal sword that only HE can wield. And throughout the game they keep showing how only Alm can do certain things. Hell in the final map (not final dungeon), when he get’s Falchion, there’s a door that won’t open unless there’s a royal and there’s a magical barrier that stops anyone that isn’t a royal from actually even entering (so if the royal lineage died then yeah)

That’s what I believe makes it contradictory.

And yeah their romance is pretty shoe horned in the campaign. They routinely daydream all the time about each other, and they even meet between the first and second arcs and bicker about their views on the world but Alm keeps on all serious (oblivious to Celica’s viewpoint) and she get’s emotionally hurt (if I recall). (Also agree on Dorcas and what was her name, Nataly?)

Also yeah, Grima’s origins are shown in the very place of his birth. I won’t spoil how or why (because if you can get the game then reading it/experiencing it for yourself is a great boon), but the ambience, and the way that as you go lower and lower into the dungeon, the enemies swap from thieves to actual risen. Hell they give an explanation for how the risen work!


Oh, then I won’t dislike Celica’s story. I love Eirika and found her kind-hearted, pacifistic nature very admirable.

Yeeeah… I guess it wouldn’t be a FE game if it didn’t have some sort of “chosen one” cliche at some point or another sadly. :/

I believe it was Nataly yes. The shoehorned romance is a huge turn-off for me, but if I can make a lot of use out of Tobin throughout the game, I could probably look past it. I love most of the characters in Echoes, just Tobin is my favorite so I’d want to use him a lot from beginning to end.

I love the sound of the Grima dungeon, that just sounds way too cool. And very creepy, which makes it even better. :slightly_smiling_face:


I didn’t go through all the comments here, but let me give my overal opinion.
Story/characters first

Best things about Echoes is it’s stellar presentation.
Artstyle, music, overall feel. All is done so great. It’s fun to jump in.
But what’s even better are the characters and especially their voice actors. Personal favorites are Mae, Lukas, Berkut and Clive. But pretty much all of em do a great job.
The characters themselfs are very down to earth and likable.
Not many super deep characters (except Lukas and Clive if you dig in the DLC and their supports), but a lot of just likable characters.
Which is probably best.

It kinda pays in it with the overal plot not being that special. It’s fine, won’t say much. And does have some neat ideas of gods versus man, but overall avarage for FE.
FE 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10 all have a better allround plot in my opinion.

And the second problem is the gameplay. While it being differend from normal FE games can be fun, Echoes can feel tedious at time. With large boring map, not a big deal of costumization and dungeons that really aren’t fun.

Overall for me the good far outweigh the bad. But it’s not perfect.
Certainly think it’s not the most replayable of FE games.


I appreciate the pros and cons opinion. Helps me establish a logical conclusion on the game. Overall… I think I want to play it but I’m going to try to find it on sale. I don’t want to pay full price for a game I’m not certain about.


Good idea. If you can find a discount, it’s worth it. But full price might indeed be a bit much.
Just try and not look up too much about the game, part of it’s fun is playing it somewhat blindly.

And after you’re done, you might just wanna check out the story bits of the DLC on youtube.
The dlc isn’t worth it, but a couple do have some neat story bits, especially tied to characters like Clive, Mathilda and Lukas.


I don’t care much about Clive and Mathilda, based on face value but I do like Lukas a lot. Always wanted to know more about him. I won’t look up too much tho, rest assured.


I find Clive underrated. But I guess it’s justified for you, given that you don’t know the game much.
But Lukas is pretty great, yeah.

that voice


I mean my favorite character from Echoes is Tobin, so I’m not sure how valid my opinion on characters is. XD I like Clive’s design but he just doesn’t stand out to me like Tobin did. I will say I love his color combination of blond hair and blue armor.


For me character design is secondary to personality.
But let’s talk more about it after you’ve gone through the game.


Most of everybody here has already said most of what I may say, but uh. Here’s my take. xD

First and foremost, the presentation in this game is absolutely beautiful! From the GUI, to the character designs (praise Hidari!) the game is an absolute joy to look at.

The character writing is very likable. I know you may not like the actual support system, but the conversations are very well done, and give a good sense of each character’s personality despite most only having 2 in the game. This is probably just because the voice acting is actually very well done.

Oh and, do I even have to say this? The music is lit my guy. :ok_hand:

… Now, it’s been a few years, but from what I remember, the game waaaaasssss… not very enjoyable to play.
The map designs I remember being some of the blandest, most unisnpired designs in the series. Seriously, there was one map on a boat, where I literally just set Celica on the bridge between our boat and another boat, and just hit end turn about 6 times waiting for all the enemies to suicide themselves on me lmao. And any maps not on boats, usually just involved huge ass open fields with some forrest tiles… not much in the way of creativity imo.

And apparently the game has no weapon triangle? Um, I guess I’m an idiot because I never noticed this lol. So, there’s that I guess?

I’m actually super interested in replaying Echoes soon, so maybe my opinion will change? Who knows.

The short of it is, everything about the game is amazing except the actual gameplay itself. Kind of a bummer…
But I’d still play it just for the story and characters if I were you. I think they carry the game enough for atleast a single playthrough.


Regardless if anyone has said it or not, a second or third opinion is always appreciated in my book.

I’m not sure how I feel about the game yet because gameplay is a pretty big deal for me… Story and gameplay are equal in importance in my eyes. But I’ll probably still give it a try because it probably wouldn’t take me very long to finish.

Who are some of your favorite characters and least favorites?

Do you like Tobin :eyes:


I think I like everyone besides Faye. I’m not a big fan of Est too.
For my favourites, I would say Saber, Mae, Python and Sonya. and Boey. and Clair. I love everyone so it’s hard for me to decide between them xD And of course I love Tobin


My opinion is much like the above: I love SoV’s presentation, especially the voice acting. I heard Ian Sinclair was actually pulled out of his booth a couple times when voicing Berkut because he sounded so insane, lol

But the gameplay… Oh dear. I’m afraid this game is a drag. By which I mean every map drags on because of the nearly endless slew of respawning enemies (screw Witches and Cantors). Enemies also flee to recovery spots whenever their HP gets low, or they just have the ability to passively heal every turn (again, SCREW CANTORS).

I HIGHLY recommend waiting for Silque to learn Invoke before promoting her because those Dread Fighters she summons make the respawns far less of a pain. They make great bait too, though they act on their own.


A con is that the game doesn’t have much replay value, I loved it the first time I played it but since there’s not much you could do differently since there’s fixed endings (depending on whether the character lives or dies), you can use all of your units for 90% of the game so it’s not like you could do a play through where you use these units and so on, and the support system isn’t limited at all.

So like I said there’s little to no replay value to the game - Also the gameplay only drags if you let it, since some people choose to overgrind their characters on the same maps with the same enemies.

But with that being said, SOV is definitely an experience that I wish I could relive all over again. The score for the music is beautiful and I really love the way the game tells its story. There were so many moments in the game that I couldn’t wait to see what happened next and that I was really on the edge of my seat.

I like almost all of the characters in the game except Faye and Tatiana, I don’t really care for Atlas but I don’t dislike him. My favorites are probably between Berkut, Conrad, Saber, Mathilda, and Sonya. Although, I do think Tobin and Gray are a great duo and other characters also bring the game to life.


I love a lot of those characters too so I understand how you feel. I like to feel like I’m the one guy in the forums that reminds people Tobin exists because he doesn’t seem to be all that popular. I have yet to meet anyone that genuinely didn’t like him, but that doesn’t make him a popular character sadly.


Honestly I’m probably in the minority here, but the more I think about it the less I care for SoV. I can give it credit for presentation and characterization (mainly just given how little they had to work with from Gaiden), BUT it doesn’t mean I have to personally like most of characterizations. Or at least I care zero for Alm, Celica, and especially Faye and Tatiana.

But gameplay wise and map design wise is where I spare no qualms in saying that I don’t think they hold up. They’re just so archaic being based of Gaiden and I feel it shows it’s age too much in this regard. I just really don’t like that aspect of SoV at all. And because of it SoV has made the list of FE games I won’t replay, alongside Shadow Dragon and Revelation. And I fully expect people to start "REEEEEEE"ing but every other game except Revelation is better than SoV in my eyes.


Ohh. It’s hard to say favorites. Let’s keep it at 5.
Mae and Lukas for sure.
Berkut, Gray and Saber probably after them.

But a lot are great.

Least favorite? Faye might be the only one I have a negative opinion of.


I never used him in heroes because I didn’t play when the gave him in the TT. I have the 4* version but I’m super sad he’s a sword user, when you will play SoV you will see that it’s not canon like magic + Kliff and sword + Gray
I would use him if he had a bow. But I still love him he’s a great guy


So what you’re saying is I should be a sadistic jerk and feed a character or two to the wolves? :smiling_imp:

I only tend to over-grind one character in any grindy game I play. One Pokemon in every game, Cloud in FF7, my version of Corrin in Fates… If it’s not obvious which character will be over-grinded for me in Echoes, then clearly I’m not advertising Tobin enough. XD