Question for whales

So… Question for whales…
-How much do you “whales” spend on a weekly basis?

  • Do you guys do it only for limited servants?
  • Do you roll weekly regardless of what’s on rate up?

I wanna know if I can be a whale in the future. Very curious.

I consider myself a dolphin at best, and I would say I, on average, spend about 100 bucks on the game per month. Now, here’s the thing though: If you want to be a real whale and curb-stomp RNG with wads of cash, you are going to need much, much more than that. Because there is no pity-system in the game, every single pull has the same probability of giving (or, more likely, not giving) you something you want, and if the Random Number Goddess decides to spite you, even buying thousands of SQs might not change that.

That said, with my spending level (and admittedly a metric crapton of luck), I managed to collect a very respectable roster over three years (at least three SSR of all classes, all the EX tier supports, lots of NP2 SSRs and NP3+ SRs, MLB Black Grail, Scope, Prisma Cosmos, 2030, etc.), but you can chalk a lot of that up to accumulation, and I don’t have a lot of servants I really wanted to get (Archuria, Ishtar, Gil, to name a few). On the other hand, if you want to get everything, and you want them right this instant, I’m afraid you would have to spent in the five digit range, and even that wouldn’t guarantee you a success.


This is a personal question that i refuse to answer. $200

But if I were to spend, I would spend only on certain banners(Any martha banner, Lewd Summer banners)

And I would also let to let you know I would be a Dolphin rather than a Whale mind you.

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I try to save for specific banners with limited Servants, but I’m weak and spend SQ from time to time anyway (like tonight I’ll probably throw some at Skadi/LArtoria banner even though I shouldn’t bc of split rate up and getting Skadi D1)

It does become easier and easier with time though (depending on exactly how much you’re whaling) bc you’ll start to get all the general pool servants (for non-limited and non-storylocked 4*s, for instance, I’m missing 5) so it just wouldn’t make sense to summon on their banner bc you already have them.

As for how much on a weekly basis…too much. :grimacing:

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As long as you’re spender you’re by definition a whale. There’s no measurement.


My advice based on hardcore past whaling and selective current whaling is to prioritize.

Are you happy collecting a lot of different Servants and not really concerned with maxing favorites? Then you can spread your whaling around and build a diverse roster pretty quickly.

Do you have particular favorites for whom you really want to raise their NP levels? Then you whale hard on those specific targets.

Doing both is incredibly expensive even if this hobby is your preferred outlet for throwing money in a pit and setting it on fire, and it’s not sustainable for most consumers.

Unless your funds are close to unlimited, you’ll want to think of the Servants you most want (looking back 2 years in JP helps), then narrow them down to your must-haves. Allow for some fun spending, especially where limited CEs are concerned (the few that aren’t bad).


I have the same question. Do you want to tell?

Disagree with that statement. You get players that are F2P unless on the yearly paid SQ guaranteed SSR summons. Definitely, would not include those people “whales”. Others, might spend 20-30$ a year with just certain SQ deals. Would not label them a whale either. And, we have a previous poster believing they are not whale status dropping $100 a month. It has been discussed before about not reaching full “whale” status for spending money but in small portions yearly. Where the cutoff is though, is up for debate.

To respond to your question OP, I would also recommend looking at your roster, deciding what you need most gameplay wise, looking ahead to what you want personally for upcoming Servants & CE’s and targeting those banners. Help maximize those spent funds in a nominal way.


Who knows, I don’t remember. I calmed down with Katching.

I avoid spending now for everybody: I am plenty covered gameplay wise.

~2000 SQ for a servant I like. 1000-1200 SQ when “I feel like like it” or I am bored (it’s rare but it happens when I play with the summon simulator)


Thanks guys. My roster is pretty ok… I’m wanting kscopes (to max lb them) and a bunch of 4 stars to get np2+. I’m taking a break From Yugioh since they’re no Irl events for the rest of the year. This will be my vise… Thinking of dropping like 50ish a week. Hoping that will help me get high np levels and my kscopes.

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Damn. Thats a lot of SQ :D

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Maybe by your standard. It’s a big world and there’s others who spend more than me.


I fell like, if you even worry about how much money you spend on the game, you’re probably not a true whale.

The question is obviously subjective, but when I think of true whales, I picture those E-sports rosters with an NP5 of each SSR at each of their ascension caps. They probably do their rolling while sitting on their solid gold toilets with rolls of dollar bills nearby to wipe with.


Whales typically don’t look at weekly budget since they have targets servants (to NP5).

Normally, they buy a pack, then roll, if they don’t get their target then buy another pack and roll again. This is their roll cycle.

Ps. I only buy for guaranteed ssr banners but if i were a whale I’d do all of the above.

Maybe I’ll be more like a baby dolphin then. I can’t imagine spending thousands of dollars every month. Maybe like 200 a month for me I think.

I tend to spend anywhere from $40 - $160 every couple of weeks, depending on what my check looks like and what bills are due at the time. The most I’ve ever blown on a single banner was right around $300, and Merlin never came home because he’s a dick.

I also tend to be pretty impulsive, though. If there’s no banners I like, I’ll throw SQ at the Story banner. It’s generally not considered practical, but I’ve gotten quite a few 4-star Servants and several of my 5-star CEs that way.

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I’m guilty of that too… % are higher for 5star ce in story I’ve noticed. I’m hopi g to be spooked by some kscopes lol

I got at least one, and I think two, of my Kscopes off Story. I know the third one came off Skadi’s banner, because I just got it the other day.

I whale on specific banners (spent on Fujino)

I think its time the gaming community creates a whale category chart.

Similar to this format, but the depth should be replaced with “Spent $”