Question regarding dailies

Hi there. So…I have an issue that I would love a way around, if you guys wouldn’t mind helping, that is. I never really took too much notice of it before because I never really used assassins, but ever since I pulled Okitan, I’ve realized that I need a way to get assassin ascension materials. The only problem is, I actually can’t play on Saturday due to personal reasons. Are there any alternatives to get those materials, or am I stuck in an endless loop of not being able to max her skills, and for assassins in the future?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Assassin statues can be obtained through events via the shop when up for purchase (and Main Quest playing in and outside of events, depending on the enemies). As can gems (particularly via lotteries). You could also just farm off-class stuff, it’ll be slower but it’s only like 20% better to use ALL/on-class XP than not… and incidentally every event with a shop has x100 SR/R ALL XP for you to purchase from shops, so, yes you can eventually max our your Majin Daishouri.


Yeah, I’ve noticed the assassin pieces in shop every now and then, but I think my biggest issue currently is the lack of assassin gems. Like…all of them (red, blue, and yellow). You said I can get them from lotteries, right? By any chance do you know when the next one is? All good on participation, since I’m all caught of story wise. Thanks man!

All gems save for Caster are, regrettably, a right PITA to obtain.

And yes, x2 blue/x2 red/x1 gold is the standard from lotteries. Our first this year will be “Gilfest”/Battle In New York 2020 (2018 JP), this September roughly. You can search that name to find what the lottery nodes per rotation are like to prepare ahead of time.

After that will be Merry Christmas from the Underworld Rerun (Babylonia-gated), though like all lotto RRs is limited to boxes (10 max). After that, in December following JP schedule, is “Quetzmas”/Holy Samba Night (Lostbelt 1/Anastasia-gated), with an unlimited lotto.


Gotcha. Oh! I just remembered! Aren’t there times when FGO makes all dailies available for a week or so? Therefore, by any chance do you know when the next time that might be, or is it all totally up to chance?

There are, although I don’t know offhand unfortunately. We tend to JP schedule relatively firmly (thus my knowing the prior stuff, because we have Clairvoyance due to being 2 years behind). I know this Anni celebration in a few days will have 1/2 AP Dailies, but I don’t think it also brings all dailies; can’t recall a precise rhyme or reason for those unlike 1/2 AP.


So I guess I’ll look at events to come and see which also has all dailies. Thanks for the help!

Happy to!

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Well there are Assassin ascention mats un lottos and the Assassin bosses usually drop them, the gems are harder but the lotto of summer is going to help you with that

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Spam free quests with assassin mobs. They all drop gems and normal ascension items. For example I got a lot of red assassin gems farming gears in barrel tower. It won’t be nearly as ap efficient as training grounds, but still an option. Just couple it with another material you need farmed that comes from assassin mobs, ghost, goblins, ghouls, etc.

Note, only works for blue and red… The lottery will be here before you’re likely to farm even a tiny handful of yellow gems out of free quests.

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Thanks for the advice! And yeah, RIP yellow gems :(

The summer event after the expected Summer rerun should have 20 of each red, blue gold. That should be within the next month

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Summer 2 rerun shop has statues for sure. You can wait for it.
Assassin piece or any other piece are very cheap when doing daily quest. The average is 20-30 ap for one piece, much less than farming silver currency in an event.
However the monument in daily quest is more expensive than buying from event shop.

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You mention that you can’t play on Saturdays. But I’m guessing you should still be able to farm on Friday evenings if necessary then? The Assassin training quests should start turnover on Friday at 5 p.m. PST.

That said, the number of times I’ve farmed the training quests can probably be counted on one hand – and that’s for three accounts combined. Other than Caster gems, I don’t think there’s a compelling reason to do so, and usually focus on event shops and lottos instead. You can use the Event Compendium and FGO Manager to determine which events offer what and plan your servant upgrades out accordingly. If you really do need to farm daily quests at some time, you can use my 1/2 AP compendium expansion to optimize your AP usage.

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I wish it were an option; it’s not. I’m basically screwed on every front to get assassin gems, and I’m looking all over the place to find alternative solutions. If they could give us the all dailies again, that would solve my problem, but it doesn’t look like it based on the rest of the events this year. Also, thanks for the other links; I’ll take a look.

Edit: took a look; while it’s super useful for those other rare mats, it unfortunately doesn’t give any info on the secret gems I really need. If you could find anything on that that you could send over, it would be a lifesaver.

I just checked a bit and according to GP the Old Street node in London has almost 60% drop rate for blue gems.
The Nightless City in Agharta has a 35% rate on Reds.

The secret gems are harder to get plus it has a poor droprate at the dailies anyway.
Your best bet is probably Gilfest.

Edit: I’m in the same boat on my alt account so I’ve been preparing for Gilfest.

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As a lotto, won’t I only get a few secret assassin gems, tops? Or am I mistaken? I really hope I’m mistaken. And thanks for the reply! Appreciated a lot

It depends on how many boxes you open.
There is one per box so if you manage to clear 51 then you have enough to cover Okitans needs.

Roughly speaking you’ll get 2 blue, 2 reds and 1 yellow plus 3 Proofs, 3 Void dust, 2 Homunculus, 2 serpent jewels, QP, FP and 30 Embers per box

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It’s 1 gold gem, 2 red gems, and 2 blue gems per box… but that’s why we stock up apples to farm hundreds of boxes.

It’s also why we don’t have any gem shortages (besides gold gems) permanently after our lottos if we farm enough.

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How long does it take to farm a box? I have no issue farming to oblivion if I have to, and also if I run out of apples, SQ would be well spent for something like this. I care that much.