Question Regarding Lotto CE Bonuses

So, with past events that have spawn rate up CEs, usually all you gotta do is reach 100% spawn rate (either through MLBing one or having a handful of them) and you’re good to go. But with the Da Vinci lottery here, the default on the spawn CEs is 100%, and at MLB it’s 200%, so my question is:

At what point will I be spawning an entire battle of true/fake enemies and is it worth it to focus on? How much spawn% would I need to get to that point? I would think a single MLB CE is enough but I’m not sure.

Not sure exactly what % would guarantee true vs false, but I’ve heard 600% is still not a sure thing. Much better off fielding more drop bonuses instead. One mlb is enough to usually get at least most enemies spawning in one type, but unless you really want to farm one lottery more than the other, stick to scholars of chaldea.

Yes, even 600% is (probably) no guarantee, and even if it were you’re still saccing +2/3 lottery bonus which is super not worth the trade-off even if you actively value one box more. So the answer is, never. Get your focus from the dailies.

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