Question regarding Surf mo NP loop

so just as the title say, can smurf mo at NP 1 NP loop? and without double tamamo, since i dont have any SSR in this account and just decided to take gilgames caster for the free ticket(for this account) and she still at lv 70 now(so i cant do some experiment now and gilgames stil lv 1 ) since i focused on another account that has jeanne and kiara

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Typically Mordred uses Bride to help with NP gain with Tamamo providing additional arts buffing. Waver can also be used. Paracelsus gets his buff during the summer which you could use instead of Bride (Nobu might be another option) and then all you need is to borrow a Tamamo and you should have a workable comp.

The only problem then is that at NP1 is that you will be limited by what you can clear as the HP threshold will be lower.

To answer your question: Yes, she can loop at NP1.

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well thank, it seem its still a long way till i can NP loop with her

Just to add to this: Mordred is one of the few servants who can loop with Black Grail.

Waver + Helena + Mordred = 100%. Add in Bride for the NP gain boost. Against Casters, (who you’re going to fight anyway), Mordred will refund 100% of her gauge, assuming max skills. (Helena’s S3 can be left unlored.)

This helps patch up her damage issues. NP2 and NP3 are still pretty noticeable improvements, though.

sadly, that account has 0 SSR(damn) but it has a few good CE, like 3kscope (now become 2 because a newbie mistake), BG, heaven feel, prisma, 2030 and many other CEs so any combination that need more than 1 SSR is imposible

edit: i do have helena

So once Paracelsus gets his upgrade, just borrow a Waver and you can loop with Black Grail.

Summer 2 rerun will have a loopable heart node you can do this on.

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that was nice, now i can focus to lvling my smurf mo

She still can. It just helps to have her at NP2 because it makes it more likely for you to get Overkill. The most important thing is to give her proper Support.

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Once we get Tamamo’s strengthening, BG becomes less of a strict requirement for NP1 Mordred. That 30% NP strength boost is, in isolation, almost equivalent to going from NP1 to NP2, after all.

Bride’s future RUQ makes that even less of a requirement because now you can run Mordred with a 50% CE like HNS or Painting Summer and charge entirely from them. Then add in someone like Abby or CasGil or Liz or Paracelsus for the extra NP/arts/attack/NP gain boost as needed.


Yeah, once Tamamo and Bride get their Upgrades, an NP1 SurMo should be able to loop with just the 2 of them without any problem. But then again, that would require you to have at least one of them. It’d still probably be better in general to bet only on having von Hohenheim.

yup, i have no hope for that acc to have an SSR already

what if i grail and gold foued smurf mo?

I wouldn’t do that just so you can NP loop.

In 1.5 years you can just borrow a friend’s Lolivinci with your own Paracelsus and the Helena you’ll probably have by then. Or CasGil.

i wont mind it, since that wasnt my main, i only grailed my main for character that i like, for that acc if it can help a servant by grail then i wont mind it

Daily door farming with NP1 SurMo:

Mordred 10/10/10 (with MLB Dive to Blue CE lv15), Helena 10/6/10, Tamamo 10/10/10. Only need SurfMo 1st and 3rd skill, Helena 1st and 3rd and Tamamo 3rd skill, then all you do is use SurfMo NP in all waves (and if you want 100% NP after clearing W3, then use Memories of the Far Side of the Moon MC)

Edit: Just checked, my SurfMo is grailed to lv90 :sweat_smile: but she still could 3T doors even when she used to be lv80 (if I remember correctly)

does it only need 1 tamamo? if so, the i might try it after i completed smurf mo skill, just got her till lv 75 last night(7-8 hours ago)

Yeah, you only need one Tamamo with 3rd skill at lv10. Basically anybody who gives great art boost for 3 turns.

I might actually level up her NP when her banner comes again this year. I usually avoid the summer Servants, but NP2+ Surfmo would be a good back pocket option since I have all the necessary support and a maxed out Black Grail.

Been playing with Scheherazade to try Arts looping, but her lack of a battery and a sustained steroid combined with the fact that Surfmo has both higher effective ATK and NP gain than she does is 100% depressing.

wait, does smurf mo will have a banner again?