Question regarding the 14M banner and Holy Samba Night banner

If i wanted to get ruler martha is it better to wait for Holy Samba Night banner instead of trying my luck on 14m banner?

Not only this allows me to roll on summer banner then save until christmas to increase my chances but also that banner has better and more useful ce’s compared to past summer event ce’s;

also the 5 star of that banner is an st lancer with 20 battery

Valid points you are making regarding the event CEs.

For me personally however, story chapters are by far the best content in fgo and I enjoy completing these chapters with servants I like. Therefore, the sooner I can roll for her, the better. If I fail in August, I will just try again in December with my f2p quartz.

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Brad is AOE, that’s why she’s historically been compared to Parvati.

Outside of the event, these aren’t going to be very useful. Split stats suck, and these are plenty replaceable. If you mean in terms of an easier currency farm sure why not.

Either you wait and build up your stockpile for the chance at Quetz/Brad + Martha, or you go for Archuria + Martha. Personally I’m inclined towards the latter even if you’d have more time to build up your stockpile, because Archuria really is that good on the off chance you Wrong (?) Luck your way into her. Definitely capable of putting in good work, both Quetz and Brad are, but I’d put Archuria above them both. Unless you like onee-san Quetz/Booty NP Brad more, which hey your call in the end.