Question regarding the challenge quests of Summer 2019 rerun

If you played the event last year and got max asc. np5 ishtar you don’ need to do all the challange events again right?
Only [High Difficulty] Most Awesome Prison Warden (Revival) and [High Difficulty] Bull of Heaven (Revival) needs to be completed since one gives ticket + medb dress and other one gives lore.
Also from which event forward do we get prism for already having the free servant during re-runs?

Yes, that is correct. Unless you’re interested in getting a L1 esports Ishtar (Rider), which is the farthest thing from “necessary.” Just Bull (Lore), and Wardens (Costume).

Christmas 3/Altera the San(ta) rerun.

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A few MP for the low low price of 5 ap though, also isn’t there some mat drops?

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Might not be necessary, but you can think of the 4 other “CQ’s” as 5 ap per 6 mana prisms each if you need them. Not a bad deal especially with the increase in number of items in the shop and the resumption of new 5k mp CE’s

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Yeah, probably will do those since i really wanna either use the exact same team with better levels and same ces but mlb’d or straight up better team but wanted to make sure.